A Year in Review: 2021

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2021 was an unpredictable year, to say the least. Though many people viewed this past year as 2020 part 2 — and the martech space experienced changes of its own (the death of cookies and the release of iOS 15, anyone?) — we at Blueshift are proud to share all we accomplished in 2021 that made it a year worth celebrating for our team. Despite the struggles we faced internally and externally, including a record number of sick days taken, we powered through and were able to reach milestones that improved our platform and continued to bring success to our customers.

Check out our noteworthy achievements and resources from 2021 below.


G2 + MORPHeus Awards + Hackathon

G2 is the hub of software reviews that marketers depend on to decide which customer data platform is right for their company’s goals. Each quarter in 2021, Blueshift was named a Leader or Momentum Leader in multiple G2 categories, including CDP, Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing, and more. Read what our happy customers had to say about Blueshift in the announcements below:

On a quarterly basis, Blueshift employees nominate our fellow teammates and peers to be honored with a MORPHeus Award (MORPH being the acronym for our five core values). The MORPHeus Award winners this past year were chosen for encompassing three of those five attributes: Raising the Bar, Playing as One Team, and Having Fun, Seriously! Learn more about the 2021 winners here:

In addition to the awards above, we also held our annual Hackathon, where members of various departments collaborate to generate new ideas that can help make our product more innovative and productive. After forming teams, Hackathon participants put together a presentation to share their ideas with the whole company. Leadership then reviews the presentations and selects winners whose ideas will be implemented into the Blueshift platform — plus, the selected winners receive a cash prize. While we can’t reveal the winning ideas just yet (shh…it’s a secret), we’ll be excited to provide updates once they’re released to the public.

Oh, did we also mention we were recognized on Deloitte’s 2021 Technology Fast 500?

Blueshift 2021 Year In Review
Technology Fast 500 2021 North America winner Deloitte


Insights + Product Updates + Behind the Scenes

Over the course of 2021, the Brand & Creative team at Blueshift — with contributions from other teams and partners — has published more than 80 blog posts focused on topics ranging from industry news to resource releases. That brings our total number of published blog posts to almost 500 since 2014. We won’t attempt to list them all, but feel free to click around our blog to discover posts broken down into six primary categories:

  1. AI in Marketing
  2. Blueshift
  3. CDP
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Customers + Partners
  6. Newsworthy

In addition to our broader scope of content, we’ve also released a handful of product updates to highlight new platform capabilities, as well as Behind the Scenes (BTS) features that give you a more personal glimpse into the lives of Blueshift employees. Curious? Read more:


Case Studies + Academy Courses

One of the most important ways we track success at Blueshift is by taking stock of the value we’re providing to our customers. Evaluating the challenges our customers want to solve, and the positive outcomes Blueshift has provided, allows us to further refine our platform capabilities to better support our customers in achieving their marketing goals. Read more within the two customer success stories we published in 2021:

To help our customers and marketers like you become experts at using Blueshift, we’ve created Blueshift Academy, a series of free courses covering comprehensive topics such as AI marketing, mobile marketing, email deliverability, and more. Learn about the courses released this past year and access them now by reading the overviews below:

Blueshift 2021 Year In Review
Blueshift 2021 Year In Review


Webinars + Podcasts + Conferences

Blueshift webinars are chock-full of insights about a variety of topics you need to stay up-to-date on as a marketer. Check out our discussions with other industry experts on-demand now:

In addition to webinars, our leadership has also been featured on several podcast episodes and series. Take a listen at the links below:

Though in-person events have been few and far between during the last couple years, Blueshift was still able to attend a handful of exclusive events in 2021 (whether physically or virtually):


Smart Guides + Playbooks


Omnichannel Campaigns

Learn how to take a customer-first approach and increase engagement by creating meaningful customer experiences throughout the marketing lifecycle.