AI in the Hands of Every Marketer

We founded Blueshift to address problems we encountered first-hand, and built a modern AI-First platform for Cross-Channel Marketing. AI is the key to unlocking the power of this fast-changing data, and delivering 1:1 personalization.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Vijay Chittoor

Co-Founder & CEO

Previously co-founder & CEO at Mertado (acquired by Groupon to become Groupon Goods). Early employee at Kosmix (acquired by Walmart to become @WalmartLabs). Graduate of Harvard Business School & IIT Bombay.

Mehul Shah

Co-Founder & CTO

Previously co-founder & CTO at Mertado (acquired by Groupon to become Groupon Goods). Early employee at Kosmix (acquired by Walmart to become @WalmartLabs). Graduate of USC. 11 Patents.

Manyam Mallela

Co-Founder & Chief AI Officer

Previously employee #1 at Kosmix (acquired by Walmart to become @WalmartLabs), and Senior Director of Engineering at Walmart Labs. Graduate of UT Austin & IIT Bombay.

Josh Francia

Chief Growth Officer

Previously VP of Marketing at LendingTree, 
GM & CMO of Gozengo, Founder & CEO of Crowdwyse, and Director of Marketing & eCommerce Technology at Priceline. Graduate of Brigham Young University.

Travis Adlman

Chief Financial Officer

Previously CFO at LoanSnap, NodeSource (acquired by i2), FusionOps (now Aera Technologies) and AnchorFree (acquired by WndrCo); VP Finance at Walmart and Kosmix (acquired by Walmart to become @WalmartLabs). MBA from San Jose State University.

Karen Chernoff

VP, People

Previously was Head of HR at Scribd and had positions as Director of People and Culture at Livefyre, Director of HR at Mocana, Xoom and Ofoto. Graduate of UC Berkeley.

Abhay Ghaisas

VP, Engineering

Previously VP of Engineering at Druva. Graduate of IIM Bangalore, Illinois Institute of Technology and PICT

Leila Tudury

VP, Product Management

Former VP, Product at Dictionary.com, previously at VMware leading product for Log Insight, a data analytics platform focused on DevOps, and Director of Product at Loggly (acquired by Solar Winds).

Nina Chang

VP, Head of Legal

Previously Head of Legal at Neo4j, Tricentis USA, Livefyre, and Appcelerator. Graduate of University of San Francisco Law School and Boston University.

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Why the name Blueshift?

In the Doppler Effect, Blueshift refers to a movement towards higher frequencies, caused by a movement of a source towards the observer. At Blueshift, we help you increase the frequency of customer engagement with your brand, and bring your brand closer to the customer.