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Revolutionary Education Meets Revolutionary Martech for Amazing Customer Experiences

Our world is a digital one. Learning has even shifted to cater to an online crowd, with many traditional universities offering remote courses. OpenClassrooms is taking the idea of online, accessible education one step further by making the process…

Achieve True Personalization Using Geotargeting

Standing out as a brand has never been more important, especially when consumers have a world of possibilities at their fingertips. Providing a personalized experience to your customers allows you to rise above the competition and geotargeting…

How Much Marketing Is Too Much For Your Customers

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business, but is it possible to have too much of a good thing? It is if your customers are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content they receive.  Saturation Customers quickly become weary of too much…

Data Activation: Data In, ROI Out

Over the last couple of months, we’ve taken you on a data activation journey with our 7-part series. We covered everything from what it is to its crucial role in today’s marketing landscape and how to get started.  If you blinked and…

The Big Problem With Big Data

Big data has been a game-changer for marketing. Never before has so much data been available for businesses to use in their decision-making processes. Yet there's still a looming problem with big data: it’s big. Despite all the advantages…

The Value Of Following Consumers Over Multiple Mobile Devices

Most online activities now begin with a smartphone, and users often use more than one screen simultaneously or move from one screen to another. Mobile screens now account for nearly one-third of the time users spend online. If your brand isn’t…

Why The Right Marketing Doesn't Need To Worry About Google

Marketing philosophies and strategies come by the digital truckload, but high-level advice can only take you so far. What aren’t experts telling you? Getting traffic without Google perplexes entrepreneurs. But respectable marketers don’t…

Following Your Customers Online Without Pushing Them Away

In our modern tech-centric world of business, retailers have been forced to up their marketing game. One of the biggest ways in which this is done is through the careful and inconspicuous tracking of customers’ online habits. When done with…

4 Tips for Getting Started with Data Activation

Like anything worth investing in, the steps to improving customer engagement with data activation take time. A thoughtful audit of your current status, and projected future needs can result in a more stable stack. These steps are designed to…

What Your Benchmark Data is Telling You and How to Turn it into ROI

Benchmark data can serve as your company’s guiding light, but only if you know how to interpret it. Using the right metrics and choosing the right KPIs to evaluate will provide you with valuable insights to boost your ROI.  Why is benchmark…

Is Your Brand Consistent Across All Marketing Channels?

Today’s consumers expect a seamless experience across channels. Is your brand delivering the consistency your customers want?  Multiple touchpoints Consumers will interact with six to eight touchpoints before they even enter the top of…

Blueshift’s Holiday Guide to Deliverability Success

Many of us spend ample time and effort improving our email marketing strategies and efforts, all in preparation for the holiday season. Even for those of us who find our most critical time falling outside of November and December, we feel the…

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