Mobilize your data for intelligent customer engagement by connecting Blueshift’s direct integration to Snowflake.

  • Combine unified Snowflake data and real-time behavior for seamless, intelligent cross-channel engagement.
  • Agility to easily build precise segments and drive campaigns without SQL knowledge.
  • Activate data in near real-time by consuming a sequence of change records in a transactional fashion.
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Cloud Data Warehouse

How Snowflake Works

Snowflake is a leading data cloud company offering workloads like Data Warehouses, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Sharing, and Data Lakes.

It provides marketers with the ability to store customer data, operational data, and more on their platform and export it to the system of their choice to build analytics and reporting.

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How Our Direct Integration Works

The direct integration enables Blueshift customers to ingest multi-dimensional data tables from Snowflake Warehouses (customer table, transactions table, product catalog table, etc.) into Blueshift to create customer profiles. The bi-directional integration ensures the real-time data attributes computed in Blueshift and other syndications are written back into Snowflake tables.

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“With the combined power of Snowflake and Blueshift, companies can now activate more data than ever for intelligent cross-channel engagement. Marketers unlock the best-in-class data unification, segmentation, predictive modeling, and campaign orchestration capabilities of Blueshift, powered by a frictionless bi-directional integration with Snowflake.”

Tarik Dwiek
Tarik Dwiek Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake

Activate your customer data

Maximize the Power of Snowflake with Blueshift

Our direct integration empowers marketers to make decisions based on unified customer profiles, leverage data for predictive recommendations, build precise segments, and trigger intelligent cross-channel campaigns.

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Cross-Channel Hub

Deliver value across every customer interaction. Instantly create cross-channel campaigns that adapt to each customer with Blueshift’s Smart Hub.
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Rich Customer Data

Leverage all your customer data for any use case, data complexity, and volume demand as your brand scales and customer behaviors evolve.
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AI Personalization

Target the right customer with the right message at the right time on the right channel. Use accessible AI to exceed customer expectations at scale.

Connect to More Destinations

Sync Snowflake Data to Facebook Custom Audiences

Sync your audience data seamlessly with the Snowflake to Facebook Integration, powered by Blueshift, all without the need for code or SQL.

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Mobilize Your Data for Intelligent Customer Engagement

New direct data integration empowers marketers to unlock the full potential of their customer data.