Optimize your paid media budget with more relevant and targeted ads using the power of first-party, behavioral, and predictive data to engage the right audience on the right platform.

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Precise segementation

Optimize Paid Media Ads

Enrich campaigns with powerful audience segments that auto-sync to stay up-to-date across all paid media platforms.

  • Use predictive intelligence to focus on high-propensity audiences and exclude low-value segments.
  • Reach customers, wherever they are, with coordinated targeting across all paid media partners.
  • Engage the right audiences with higher match rates by activating your relevant customer data in real-time.
Create segments example with Facebook and Google

Increase your efficiency

Create Segments in Minutes

Improve your targeting and ROAS with easy audience segmentation. No more manual list building and uploading.

  • Build precise audiences based on affinities, intents, on-site behaviors, campaign engagement trends, and more.
  • Create or sync any custom audience in a few clicks with our advanced, yet user-friendly segment builder.
  • Define schedules for targeted audience segments to coninuously update, once synced.
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Connect Your Marketing Stack

Blueshift Technology Partners

Easily integrate Blueshift with the tools and systems you already use. Automatically sync all your historic and real-time data with paid media partners like Google Ads and Facebook.

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Customer Success Story

Chatbooks Improved ROAS on Paid Media by Over +4.4X

“Blueshift’s easy-to-use segmentation studio enables us to identify and target the best users across paid media channels. It helped us improve our ROAS by over +4.4x, when it came to retargeting our current customers.”

Gerardo Castillo
Gerardo Castillo Performance Marketing Director, Chatbooks

Demo the platform

See Blueshift in Action

Take a self-guided tour or talk to us about the Blueshift platform and see how easy it is to connect all your data and drive customer-centric campaigns across marketing channels.

Personalize Every Touchpoint

Create Engaging Interactions With Cross-Channel Campaigns

Reach customers anywhere they are with super-targeted campaigns delivered at the right place and in the right moment. 



Engage customers throughout the lifecycle with automated timely and personalized email outreach.
Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Inspire interactions and purchases using personalized push notifications that are timed just right.


Maximize in-the-moment engagement with dynamic and tailored SMS messages that take customers to specific destinations.
In-App Messages

In-App Messages

Take advantage of every in-app interaction with dynamic, adaptive messages that drive action.
Website Content

Website Content

Make it easy for customers to find what they want by personalizing their website experiences.
Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Capture attention with direct mail triggered by customer behaviors across channels at key engagement points.