“Prior to Blueshift, we didn’t have the ability to do anything special or welcome new users. With Blueshift’s customer journey builder, we’ve been able to provide unique experiences, provide relevant information throughout the customer journey, and see LTV increase 7% in their first 30 days.”

Stephen Cruz
Stephen Cruz Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Chatbooks
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Click-Through Rate
Customer Retention
Saved Per Week

The Challenge

Turn customers into brand loyalists by delivering the right customer experiences, improving engagement, and driving growth with a full customer view on a scalable cross-channel platform.

The Outcome

Chatbooks upleveled their lifecycle campaigns by scaling and automating their customer engagement, resulting in dramatically higher click-through rates, return on ad spend, and retention.


Chatbooks is on a mission to strengthen families by helping them hold onto the memories that matter via affordable photo books. As Chatbooks expanded its photo sources, product lines, and customer base, they needed a solution that would help drive sustained growth by making smarter use of data and scaling unique, personalized experiences across the customer lifecycle.


Increase Customer Engagement from Initial Touch Through Brand Loyalty

Chatbooks realized that to improve customer engagement and drive growth throughout the lifecycle they needed a sophisticated, scalable, cross-channel platform that would enable them to:

  • Turn customers into brand loyalists by creating positive, customized customer experiences starting with the first purchase to grow repeat customers and increase customer lifetime value
  • Decrease the customer acquisition cost payback period by improving customer engagement during the first 30-days to get back customer acquisition costs and repurpose those dollars for acquiring new customers, quicker
  • Increase conversion by engaging customers on a 1:1 personal level to strengthen customer relationships by talking to customers as individuals based on their interests

“Blueshift allowed us to up-level our campaigns and provide 1-to-1 personalization using dynamic user information. We can now focus on high-intent customers that want to hear my message rather than email blasting and annoying my whole customer base. The results? +100% increase in email engagement.”

Stephen Cruz
Stephen Cruz Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Chatbooks

Pain Point

Limited Customer View and Cross-Functional Dependencies Stalled Growth

As Chatbooks grew, the marketing team realized that their existing email and mobile push providers couldn’t deliver the right customer experiences. These solutions limited their view of their customers, with data consisting of a constrained set of attributes that were rarely refreshed, and only supported traditional batch-and-blast messages. This made the team heavily reliant on their Business Intelligence (BI) team to do all their segmentation and pipe in data through manual CSV uploads. They also lacked the ability and visibility to test and optimize campaigns.


Scale Lifecycle Campaigns with Personalized Customer Experiences

Chatbooks turned to Blueshift to automate and scale their customer engagement and lifecycle campaigns because of its ability to easily create triggered campaigns off of live event feeds, the richness of the first-party data, and its ability to seamlessly marry email and push.

Chatbooks easily scaled its first 30-day onboarding automation into a series of personalized touchpoints that drove consistent customer engagement throughout the critical first month as a customer when drop-off is high. They added unique experiences throughout the customer lifecycle with more dynamic abandoned cart messages, win-back series, and seasonal campaigns. Best of all, Chatbooks’ marketers had direct access to customer data, which allowed them to identify new segments and discover new campaign ideas without reliance on their BI team.

The following core capabilities were essential to Chatbooks’ success:

  • Comprehensive Customer Profiles — within Blueshift, Chatbooks had access to rich, continuously refreshed customer profiles, which included a range of insightful custom attributes and live event feeds
  • Personalized Recommendations — Chatbooks marketers had a powerful, easy-to-use segmentation tool in which they could quickly build and test new high-intent segments and launch campaigns to these segments without waiting for their BI team
  • Advanced Segmentation — Chatbooks marketers had a powerful, easy-to-use segmentation tool in which they could quickly build and test new high-intent segments and launch campaigns to these segments without waiting for their BI team
  • Sophisticated Journey Flows — Chatbooks quickly and effortlessly developed sophisticated, multi-stage campaigns that layered in various conditions and tests
  • Event-Based Personalization — Chatbooks created event-based segments and immediately triggered actions to high-intent customers based on behaviors. They also personalized messages using customer data and photo uploads

“Blueshift’s easy-to-use segmentation studio enables us to identify and target the best users across paid media channels. It helped us improve our ROAS by over +4.4x, when it came to retargeting our current customers.”

Gerardo Castillo
Gerardo Castillo Performance Marketing Director, Chatbooks


250% Customer Engagement Click-Through Rate

4.4X Return on Ad Spend

+10% Retention Through Churn Reduction Campaigns

+2 Hours Saved Per Week

Next Steps

Chatbooks is now looking to take the same success it’s had with data-driven automation on email and Push to SMS and improve their primary customer service channel