Use real-time analytics to get actionable customer insights and understand the impact of different customer cohorts on your top and bottom-line metrics.


Audience Insights

Gain a holistic understanding of how different customer groups impact your key metrics, independent of campaigns with cohort analysis.

  • Get valuable insight into audiences in real-time, without reliance on engineering or analytics teams.
  • Slice and dice goal metrics by custom properties to identify new opportunities and allocate budgets effectively.
  • Easily visualize complex data with an intuitive interface for quicker understanding and reporting.


Recommended Items Reporting

Enhance your insights into recommendations by exploring the best-performing recommended items for your customers.

  • Generate reports to discover the top recommended items for your customers or those with the highest engagement rates.
  • Elevate and optimize your campaigns with invaluable insights into top-performing recommendations.
  • Get a clear view of the recommended items your users are seeing and which ones are capturing their interest.


Custom Dashboards and Reports

Leverage ready-made and fully customizable reports and dashboards to track the metrics and KPIs that matter most to your business.

  • Seamlessly visualize data from multiple reports within a single dashboard to easily monitor and evaluate performance.
  • Get started quickly with pre-built reports, featuring common industry use cases, presented in easy-to-read charts, graphs, and tables.
  • Create customized reports tailored to your goals using any combination of core metrics, custom goals, or compound metrics.


Campaign Metrics

Go beyond opens and clicks to gain deeper insight into campaign performance to understand true impact.

  • Optimize campaigns and identify new opportunities with real-time insights into campaign performance.
  • Monitor and measure campaign impact using various parameters such as channel, segment, template, device, domain, and more.
  • Compare reports side-by-side for greater insights, making it easy to identify changes and make improvements.


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