Tap into your data to deliver timely, personalized healthcare experiences that drive engagement without compromising compliance.


Digital Health Marketing Campaigns That Build Trust

Elevate engagement and foster patient loyalty by leveraging your rich data to orchestrate seamless, personalized journeys deeply rooted in trust.

  • Build Patient Loyalty: Provide tailored experiences, addressing each patient’s needs with a holistic view of the customer.
  • Data-Driven Personalization: Utilize unified data to craft precise audience segments and deliver trusted, personalized healthcare experiences.
  • Drive 1:1 Engagement: Automate 1:1 engagement across the healthcare journey, ensuring timely, accurate, and seamless touchpoints across channels.
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell: Recommend the most relevant products, services, and educational content to enrich the user’s healthcare journey.


Secure Handling of PHI Data

Blueshift complies with HIPAA and prioritizes the confidentiality and security of protected health information.

  • Deliver hyper-personalized engagement, protecting patient privacy while providing enhanced experiences.
  • Leverage the power of patient data to enrich patient experiences, maintaining strict compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  • Eliminate data silos by utilizing one central platform to unify, store, and safeguard all patient data and interactions.
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Customer Success Story

GoHealth Fosters Ongoing Engagement Across Lifecycle

Explore how GoHealth maintains customer engagement across the full lifecycle by leveraging rich customer data to target the right audience and deliver personalized cross-channel journeys spanning email, SMS, call center, and direct mail.


Target Customers At The Right Time With the Right Messages

Successful customer engagement for healthcare brands requires detailed audience segmentation, message personalization, and connected cross-channel campaigns. 

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Real-Time CDP

Unify and organize customer data from any source for rich customer profiles and easily accessible segments with a Customer Data Platform (CDP).
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AI-Powered Decisioning

Automate and scale your marketing with AI to segment customers, choose the best channels to reach them, and send relevant messages at optimal times.
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Cross-Channel Delivery

Orchestrate seamless customer journeys that adapt in real-time across any channel, including email, SMS, in-app, web, paid media, and more.
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Use The Tools You Love To Maximize Marketing ROI

Add the power of Blueshift AI to your martech investments and maximize ROI. We integrate across email, mobile, web, digital, customer support, and more. 


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