Earning and sustaining customers’ attention in a noisy world is extremely hard. As a marketer, your role is to nail the ideal message across every channel for each customer. Download the Smart Guide to Cross-Channel Campaigns and learn about how marketer-accessible AI can help you identify the right audience and send them the best message across every channel in real time.


Cross-Channel Marketing Powers Dynamic Customer Experiences

Cross-channel marketing eliminates disconnects by creating dynamic experiences built around a unified and real-time view of the customer. This approach integrates digital communication across email, SMS, website, paid media, direct mail, IVR, mobile push notifications, as well as offline channels, such as in-store and direct mail. A customer engagement platform powered by AI can help you identify the ideal combination of channels for each customer, as well as where to send what message and at the precise time when customers will interact.

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Getting Started

Eight Steps to Connected Cross-Channel Campaigns

Getting started with cross-channel campaigns is easier than you may expect when you have the right technology platform to back you up. The best foundation is one that uses AI to connect all your channels within a single journey builder and enables you to create, automate, and scale sophisticated campaigns and journeys that are powered by a unified and current view of your customer data.

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Customer Success Story

LendingTree Grows Customer Engagement with Intentional Lifecycle Journeys

“The magic with Blueshift is its agility and ability to handle data for segmentation, journeys, and personalization across all channels, no matter the speed or attributes that we put in. We have the flexibility to use our data to improve results across many different use cases.”

Joyce Poole
Joyce Poole Sr. Director, Marketing CRM, LendingTree


Deliver Dynamic Customer Experiences

Use cross-channel marketing for improved customer engagement throughout the lifecycle.