Leverage all your rich customer data to reach every customer on a personal level with better targeting and deeper understanding of behaviors.

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Single customer view

Dynamic Customer Profiles

Customer profiles update in real time with every new activity so you always access the most relevant customer data.

  • Create profiles for known and anonymous customers with cross-device identity resolution.
  • Use our flexible data structures to customize to your unique datasets without data limits or additional data work.
  • Leverage real-time data to continuously shape customer interactions across all marketing channels.
Build precise segments

Adaptive, real-time

Build Precise Segments

Easily create precise, auto-updated, ready-to-use audience segments for all of your campaigns in a matter of minutes.

  • Define segments-based site activity, affinities, transaction history, and other custom data attributes.
  • Create segments based on customers’ likelihood to purchase, churn, engage, or perform a desired action.
  • Continuously update segments in real time and adapt to customer data without impacting storage or speed.
Personalized experience

Deliver Relevant Messages

Personalize in Real-Time

Easily customize blocks of product or content recommendations that update in real time based on customer data.

  • Create blocks for related items, next-best products, affinity products, trending, most viewed items, and more.
  • Update recommendations with latest customer behaviors and product interactions to keep content relevant.
  • Centralize your recommendation logic and easily distribute 1:1 experiences across every channel and touchpoint.


Audience Insights

Gain a holistic understanding of how different customer groups impact your key metrics, independent of campaigns with cohort analysis.

  • Get valuable insight into audiences in real-time, without reliance on engineering or analytics teams.
  • Slice and dice goal metrics by custom properties to identify new opportunities and allocate budgets effectively.
  • Easily visualize complex data with an intuitive interface for quicker understanding and reporting.

Choosing the Right CDP

The Essential 10-Step Checklist

Looking for the right CDP? This checklist acts as your comprehensive guide, breaking down crucial factors to consider when choosing a CDP.



Maximize the Power of Your Stack

Connect your marketing stack and easily integrate Blueshift with the tools and systems you already use. 

  • Leverage all your customer data from anywhere — including prior transactions, real-time behaviors, and more.
  • Connect all marketing channels to build timely interactions across email, mobile, web, support, and more.
  • Enrich first-party data for improved insights and 1:1 personalization. 
  • Real-time data ingestion results in profiles that are always up to date and ready for activation.
Data Security with GDPR, AICPA SOC, HIPPA compliant, and CCPA

Secure and compliant

Data Security and Privacy

Blueshift complies with leading privacy compliance regulations, including GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, and CCPA.

  • Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit.
  • Single sign-on is deployed along with strong password requirements, two-factor authentication, and audit logs.
  • Custom user roles and permissions are provided.
Dynamic customer profiles


Unlock and Activate Valuable Customer Insights with AI

Leverage the power of AI and real-time data for a deeper understanding of your customers, resulting in smarter decisions and more personalized customer experiences.

  • Predictive Segmentation: Identify and target customers by their likelihood to perform a desired action such as engagement, purchase, churn, and more.
  • Category & Brand Affinities: Boost conversions with profiles that seamlessly calculate category and brand affinities from user interactions across all touchpoints.
Jeff Ekblad

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“We chose Blueshift over other customer engagement platforms in the market because Blueshift does a great job of putting the most powerful tools under one roof. Easy access to the product catalog is critical for ecommerce players as well as – in the box recommendations, distribution of audiences, WYSIWYG builders and more. Assembling this toolset with direct access to a clean data layer is a game changer for us.”

Jeff Ekblad VP of Marketing, Sweetwater

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