Webinar on 'AI in the Inbox' featuring LendingTree's VP of Marketing


AI Powered Marketing
on Every Channel

Activate your customer data, unlock predictive insights,
and automate personalized campaigns with ease


“Blueshift’s new approach of combining behavioral data, AI and cross-channel automation in a unified product finally enables us to launch more direct customer engagement at scale”
- Kristy Ng, Udacity


Build a unified view of every customer to deliver the right content


Overcome the struggles of personalizing the customer experience across every channel


Activate all customer data quickly across all channels


The first system to combine Behavior, AI, and Automation in a unified platform

What Makes Blueshift Different

An AI Powered platform that listens to every behavior in real-time,
and enables customer-centric marketing across channels.



Your customer record is no longer static! Our profiles update with every behavior, be it on web, mobile apps or even offline.


Cross-Channel Journeys

Graduate from channel-centric to customer-centric. Use our visual journey builder to drive AI-Powered Customer Journeys.


AI Powered Recommendations

Is your recommendation engine a black box? Leverage our AI to customize 1:1 recommendations on every channel.


Predictive Segmentation

Stuck in list-pull hell? Build segments super fast, and use Blueshift's predictive scoring.


Trigger based automation

Say no to batch & blast! Trigger every engagement based on behavior, from welcome to re-targeting and more.

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