Plans and Pricing

Email Automation

For email marketers looking to automate email triggers based on behavioral event streams

  • Trigger email based on any customer behavior event

  • Build automated email campaigns with a visual campaign builder

  • Enjoy advanced email features like preference center, a/b testing, template builder and personalization

  • Track full-funnel conversions
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Shift from manual  =>  automated

For enterprise marketers ready to graduate to full AI powered cross channel marketing

  • Everything in the Cross-Channel Journeys tier PLUS...

  • Personalization studio with product & content recommendations

  • Predictive user scoring

  • Engagement time scores

  • Custom goal attribution

  • Data access bundle

  • Premium Support

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Predictive Enterprise

Shift from rule-based  =>  predictive

For marketers looking for a cross-channel marketing suite to target complex customer journeys

  • Everything in the Email Automation tier PLUS...

  • Build cross-channel journeys visually across email, mobile push notifications and SMS

  • Live content modules for websites & in-app notifications

  • Deliver large scale burst sends in addition to triggered marketing

  • Behavioral segmentation engine

  • Mobile SDK

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Shift from single  =>  cross channel

  • The edition you select
  • Number of monthly active users on your website or app

Pricing is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Number of messages sent per month
  • Support tier selected

3 steps to Programmatic CRM Nirvana

Move from manual to automated, from single channel to cross-channel, and from rule-based to predictive. We offer 3 editions of Programmatic CRM. 

Which one is right for you?

We start with the 3 tiers below and then customize based on your needs. 

Which one is right for you?

"We selected Blueshift as the key partner in our shift towards behavior-based cross-channel marketing. In just 6 months with Blueshift, we've seen engagement rates climb to 40% and YoY direct email revenue has increased by 81%, far exceeding our expectations."

Becky Spurr, Head of Communications  |  VoucherCloud

We start with the 3 tiers below and then customize based on your needs. 

Which one is right for you?