Whether you’re at a global enterprise company or a startup, Blueshift can help you build a tailored pricing package for your business.


Automate multi-step cross-channel marketing campaigns

Upgrade from your batch-and-blast ESP, mobile marketing:

  • Marketer friendly tools to create templates and campaigns on email, SMS, mobile apps, and websites
  • Intuitive audience builder, and ability to sync with paid media destinations
  • Multi-step journeys and triggers
  • Predictive Engage-Time Optimization and channel engagement scores
  • Resolve anonymous and known digital identities
  • AI-Powered Automatic Winner Selection
  • A/B testing, campaign reports and dashboards


Personalize with AI Recommendations and Predictive Segmentation

Everything in the Starter offering, plus predictive tools to drive revenue growth:

  • Recommendation Studio with 100+ Recipes, and customizable schemes
  • Predictive category affinities to segment customers
  • Modeling of high-propensity customers (e.g. churn and purchase propensity) with Predictive Studio
  • Deep insights and metrics on recommendation performance


Extend Intelligent Data Activation into All CX Channels

Everything in the Growth offering, plus tools to connect every online and offline channel:

  • Cloud Apps to connect to every marketing and CX application
  • Omnichannel Identity Resolution
  • Bi-directional integration with Cloud Data Warehouses
  • Grouping of customer profiles into households or accounts
  • Modeling the various stages of transactions, to trigger based on lead stages, subscription status etc.
  • Computed triggered events with customer and catalog data


Popular Custom Bundles and Use Cases

You can mix and match modules and channels, depending on your use cases, to customize your pricing. Here are some examples of how customers use Blueshift’s modules:

Reduce Abandonment and Drive Repeat Purchase

  • Ingest purchase funnel data along with dynamic product catalog
  • Setup triggers and journeys for abandonment, post-purchase and more
  • Use product recommendations on every channel
  • Use derived events for price-drop, back-in-stock and more
  • Segment by predictive category affinity and purchase intent

Retain and Grow Subscribers

  • Model subscription status and group multiple profiles into one subscriber account, using data modeling for transactions and groups
  • Convert free users to paid with automated cross-channel journeys
  • Reduce churn with predictive segmentation, and 1:1 offer recommendations

Nurture Customers To Drive Leads

  • Model lead stages using Blueshift’s transaction modeling, and automate nurture journeys
  • Initiate real-time triggers over email, SMS and phone to convert leads
  • Drive cross-sell and up-sell offers using predictive recommendations
  • Unify offline and online identities for omnichannel nurturing

Drive Content Engagement and Views

  • Increase in-session viewing with website and in-app recommendations, engaging users wherever they are
  • Drive visitors back to website and apps with content recommendations delivered over email and mobile notifications
  • Unify anonymous browsing activity with known customer identities to improve personalization


See Blueshift In Action

Take a self-guided tour or talk to us about the Blueshift platform and see how easy it is to connect all your data and drive customer-centric campaigns across marketing channels.