Create and deliver personalized and responsive customer-centric journeys, powered by real-time customer data.

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Customer-centric campaigns

Journey Builder

Easily create and optimize sophisticated, responsive 1:1 experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • Create smart, dynamic campaigns with multiple conditions, channels, and steps.
  • Design ideal experiences that trigger the right messages at the right touchpoints.
  • Optimize every step of the omnichannel experience with deeper insights.
  • Scale seamlessly with intelligent automation.
Customer integrations example using SMS confirmation codes


1:1 Customer Interactions

Create and launch deeply personalized, multi-faceted, self-optimizing customer journeys that adapt in real time.

  • Personalize messages at the moment of engagement based on a complete customer understanding.
  • Bring campaigns to life and deliver value across every interaction with a fraction of the effort.
  • Trigger messages based on customers’ real-time behaviors, activity levels, interests, and more.
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Customer success story

LendingTree Increased Open Rates by 48%

“Our new journey approach has brought us closer to our customers. We have truly learned a lot about our customer segments, which at times were counter to what our perception was. Only by watching their behavior throughout the journeys in Blueshift were we really able to see that.”

Joyce Poole
Joyce Poole Sr. Director, Marketing CRM, LendingTree


Intelligent Cross-Channel Campaigns

Deliver highly personalized campaigns to connect with customers wherever they are, when it matters most.

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Engage customers throughout the lifecycle with automated timely and personalized email outreach.
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Push Notifications

Inspire interactions and purchases using personalized push notifications that are timed just right.
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Maximize in-the-moment engagement with dynamic and tailored SMS messages that take customers to specific destinations.
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In-App Messages

Take advantage of every in-app interaction with dynamic, adaptive messages that drive action.
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Website Content

Make it easy for customers to find what they want by personalizing their website experiences.
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Paid Media

Maximize your ad spend and use the power of AI-powered first-party data to better engage your audience.

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