Email marketers are turning to AI to do more with less, as they grapple with smaller teams, reduced budgets, and higher expectations. With an AI-powered platform, you get all the tools you need in one place to increase efficiency, enhance personalization, and deliver results.

Example of dynamic emails


Build Rich, Dynamic Emails

Make every message relevant to every customer with dynamic content tailored with real-time insight.

  • Craft on-brand emails with our drag and drop editor, HTML, or start with a template from our library.
  • Add dynamic content and product recommendations based on predictive affinities and user behaviors.
  • Use deliverability insights to ensure high inbox placement across major ISPs for email campaigns.
Example of triggered emails

Audience Targeting

Triggered Email Campaigns

Automatically trigger lifecycle, transactional, and loyalty emails at impactful points throughout the customer journey.

  • Deliver timely messages triggered by real-time behaviors, segmentation, activity levels, predictive scores, and more.
  • Streamline workflows by automating engagement for every part of the lifecycle, from activation to retention.
  • Build once for campaigns to run continuously in the background, so you can focus on strategy.

Smarter Emails

AI-Powered Personalization

Personalize your emails to the right customers with the right message at the right time with Blueshift’s accessible AI.

  • Optimize send times with AI by analyzing past messaging activity, customer attributes, and site activity.
  • Use predictive segmentation to identify a customers’ likelihood to engage, purchase, churn, and more. 
  • Automatically choose the right content and product for each customer with predictive recommendations.
  • Generate personalized email content in the right tone and style for each customer using GenAI.
Optimized emails example

Data-Driven Results

Optimization and Insights

Maximize email performance and identify new opportunities with real-time insights and at-a-glance reporting.

  • Optimize email creatives, subject lines, or even the full journey — using A/B testing and holdout testing.
  • Identify performance drivers by assessing impact across creative, segments, offers, touchpoints, and more.
  • Customize metrics, data visualizations, reports, and dashboards for your unique business needs.
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Connect Your Marketing Stack

Blueshift Technology Partners

Easily integrate Blueshift with the tools and systems you already use. Automatically sync all your historic and real-time data with popular email platforms like SendGrid and SparkPost.

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Customer success story

PRO Compression Turned Email into Main Growth Channel Despite iOS Updates

“We really wanted to take our email game to the next level and needed a solution that would both provide us with more visibility into our customers and prepare us for future growth.”

Fred Hernandez
Fred Hernandez Chief Marketing Officer, PRO Compression

Demo the platform

See Blueshift in Action

Take a self-guided tour or talk to us about the Blueshift platform and see how easy it is to connect all your data and drive customer-centric campaigns across marketing channels.


Create Engaging Interactions With Cross-Channel Campaigns

Reach customers anywhere they are with super-targeted campaigns delivered at the right place and in the right moment. 

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Push Notifications

Inspire interactions and purchases using personalized push notifications that are timed just right.
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Maximize in-the-moment engagement with dynamic and tailored SMS messages that take customers to specific destinations.
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In-App Messages

Take advantage of every in-app interaction with dynamic, adaptive messages that drive action.
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Website Content

Make it easy for customers to find what they want by personalizing their website experiences.
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Paid Media

Maximize your ad spend and use the power of AI-powered first-party data to better engage your audience.
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Direct Mail

Capture attention with direct mail triggered by customer behaviors across channels at key engagement points.