Connect, unify, and resolve identity, attribute, and event data from multiple touch points, devices, and channels into a single customer view.

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Single Customer View

Unify Profiles in Real-Time

Create 360-degree profiles for every known and anonymous user with cross-device identity resolution.

  • Real-Time Updates: Maintain continuously updated, comprehensive customer profiles in real-time.  
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Gain operational efficiencies by centralizing all customer data in one platform.
  • Personalized Engagement: Enable 1:1 cross-channel experiences leveraging real-time customer profile data.
identity modeling

Identity Modeling

Resolve Online and Offline Identities

Merge profiles in real-time, as new data flows into Blueshift from any of your source systems with flexible identity modeling.

  • Ingest and store multiple identifiers on each profile, including standard identifiers like emails and cookies, and custom from transactional and CRM systems.
  • Track anonymous activity, automatically merging with known profiles when identifying information is available. 
  • Customize profile merge rules to align with your business logic, utilizing a hierarchy of identifiers.
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Group Profiles by Households & Accounts

Efficiently tailor engagement for members of a common group based on group or individual-level attributes and actions.

  • Group related profiles into “households” for insight into the preferences of unique members within an account. 
  • Target main account users with account-level messages, such as billing and subscription updates or special offers.
  • Deliver personalized, relevant content tailored to the interests, preferences, and behaviors of individual users.
  • Applications include streaming platforms, cell phone plans, enterprise marketing, identity management, and more.


Augment with Computed Events & Traits

Leverage derived attributes to define and compute new attribute values dynamically for both users and catalogs.

  • Compute conditional, time-bound, aggregated, and unique list derived attributes based on event data.
  • Leverage derived attributes seamlessly in segments and campaigns to tailor engagement at a granular level.
  • Create custom derived attributes such as average order value, last viewed category, last viewed item, content watched, and more.

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