Leverage the power of AI and real-time customer data for a deeper understanding of your customers, resulting in smarter, more informed decisions and personalized customer experiences.

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The right customers

Predictive Segmentation

Our predictive segmentation empowers you to identify your customers’ likelihood to engage, purchase, churn, and more.

  • Use predictive scores to rank each customer based on their likelihood to perform a desired action.
  • Interact with every customer based on dynamically updated predictive scores and segments.
  • Measure the impact of predictive scores against actual results to ensure the AI is driving your desired outcomes.
Personalized experience

boost conversion

Category & Brand Affinities

Our comprehensive customer profiles seamlessly calculate category and brand affinities from user interactions across all touchpoints, leading to heightened personalization.

  • Automatically tailor content and product recommendations according to each user’s distinct preferences and affinities.
  • Boost conversions by matching customers with products and brands that resonate with their unique affinities.
  • Utilize catalog and brand affinities within segments and campaign filters for more precise targeting and personalization.


Sweetwater Leverages Predictive Models

It’s no secret that AI is changing the shopping experience and that retail and e-commerce marketers can take advantage of AI to boost efficiency and drive growth. Learn how Sweetwater leverages predictive scores to inform its strategy, focus spending, and target customers who are most likely to complete a purchase.

Technology partners

Syndicate Segments and Deliver 1:1 Campaigns

Ensure each customer interaction reaches the right person with the right message at the right time and through the channel most likely to drive action with marketer-accessible AI.

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Customer success story

Zumper Scaled Lead Submissions by 384%

“Blueshift’s AI-powered recommendation engine allowed us to better serve our customers with targeted marketing and personalized campaigns at scale. The platform enabled us to turn user behavior into experiences that capitalize on actionable insights that were critical to customer experience.”

Kristy Ng
Kristy Ng Director, Lifecycle Marketing, Zumper


AI-Powered Marketing

Blueshift’s accessible AI empowers marketers to exceed customer expectations at scale. Learn more about how Blueshift powers customer, content, and campaign AI.

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Take a self-guided tour or talk to us about the Blueshift platform and see how easy it is to connect all your data and drive customer-centric campaigns across marketing channels.