Automate the creation, optimization, and personalization of content at scale with content AI — resulting in streamlined workflows and more relevant messages.

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The right message

Predictive Recommendations

Connect your customers with the products and content that are most likely to drive the highest engagement.

  • Use predictive recommendations to automatically choose the right content and product for each customer.
  • Adapt content in real time based on customers’ current context and latest behaviors to keep relevance.
  • Pull directly from any product or content catalog to incorporate into cross-channel campaigns.

The Right Content

GenAI for Personalization

Reach new heights in customer engagement and hyper-personalization with GenAI. Marketers can easily access AI to generate content with a simple click.

  • Generate content in the right tone and style for each customer across channels.
  • Get creative ideas for catchy and engaging email subjects and preheaders.
  • Polish and rephrase your current subject lines and preheaders.


AI-Powered Recommendations for Hyper-Personalization

Customers expect highly personalized experiences. By leveraging AI-powered predictive recommendations, marketers can deliver these at scale, while also increasing efficiency. Learn how Blueshift is helping marketers connect their customers with the products and content that are most likely to drive the highest engagement.


Slickdeals Boosts Customer LTV With Recommendations

AI empowers marketers with unprecedented capabilities to drive loyalty, reduce churn, and boost ROI. Discover how Slickdeals leveraged AI-powered recommendations to triple revenue, double transaction rates, and boost customer LTV by 65%.



Smart Guide to AI Marketing

AI unlocks cross-channel customer engagement by answering who, what, when, how, and where for marketers. Marketers can now harness its predictive power, unlock valuable customer insights, and personalize campaigns at scale. Let’s break down the nuts and bolts of AI, explore its day-to-day applications, and discover remarkable results.

Personalization at scale

AI-Powered Marketing

Blueshift’s accessible AI empowers marketers to exceed customer expectations at scale. Learn more about how Blueshift powers customer, content, and campaign AI.

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Syndicate Segments and Deliver 1:1 Campaigns

Ensure each customer interaction reaches the right person with the right message at the right time and through the channel most likely to drive action with marketer-accessible AI.

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Customer success story

Zumper Scaled Lead Submissions by 384%

“Blueshift’s AI-powered recommendation engine allowed us to better serve our customers with targeted marketing and personalized campaigns at scale. The platform enabled us to turn user behavior into experiences that capitalize on actionable insights that were critical to customer experience.”

Kristy Ng
Kristy Ng Director, Lifecycle Marketing, Zumper

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