Leverage the power of your first-party data to drive highly targeted campaigns at scale – boosting engagement, loyalty, and growth.


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Financial Marketing Campaigns That Build Trust

Use your rich customer data to build lifetime value and customer trust by creating highly personalized messages, recommendations, and content.

  • Lead Nurturing: Keep customers engaged throughout their lifetime with relevant educational content and offers.
  • Lead Generation: Listen and act on indicators of when customers are ready to respond to an offer or at risk of churn.
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell: Enrich customers’ financial wellbeing by using predictive recommendations to new offers.
  • Integrated Engagement: Engage with members on the channels where they want to interact with you, online or offline. 
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Unified Data, Accessible by Marketers

  • Unify profiles from multiple sources: CRM (e.g., lead status), mobile app, and digital product interactions, transactional data (e.g., payment due), and more.
  • Build a single customer view across multiple digital identities and financial accounts, and unify profiles within a household.
  • Ensure profiles stay up-to-date with real-time event data for new leads, payments, deposits, and more.
  • Leverage pre-built integrations with e-commerce systems, data warehouses, and more.
  • Enrich profiles with derived attributes and predictive scores.


Build Precise Segments

  • Enable marketers to create targeted campaign segments, without reliance on IT resources
  • Build dynamic segments that refresh automatically as new data is introduced.
  • Segment your audience by transactional or browsing behavior across various categories.
  • Use Blueshift’s Audience Insights to discover interesting segments and gain insights into the impact of different cohorts.


Suncoast Credit Union Cultivates 1:1 Relationships Through Data and Automation

Blueshift has allowed us to have more of a 1:1 relationship with our members. By being able to slice and dice our member data into more manageable segments and better understand their unique needs, we’re really able to provide members with the proper communication and resources…”

Dana Martin
Dana Martin Marketing Automation Strategist, Suncoast Credit Union
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Increase in open rates with personalized journeys
1:1 messages delivered to 10+ million users
Increase in member engagement with unified, actionable data

Customer Success Story

LendingTree Grows Customer Engagement with Intentional Journeys

LendingTree uses Blueshift to make it easier for customers to find the right loan through its loan marketplace. Its marketing team uses rich customer data gathered from the Blueshift platform to create connected customer journeys for more effective campaign targeting across channels. The result is a 17% lift in monthly active users, and a 48% increase in open rates.


Ent Credit Union Achieves 32% Increase in Member Engagement with Unified, Actionable Data

Ent Credit Union teams up with Blueshift to unify their rich member data from all sources, enabling efficient cross-channel marketing and scalable personalized member engagement. With actionable data readily available to marketers, Ent Credit Union has launched 155 workflows, mapped over 200 data points, achieved a 32% increase in overall member engagement, and saved 25+ hours on segmentation.

Customer Success Story

Clearscore Makes Messaging 10 Million Users Feel Personal

Clearscore leverages Blueshift to run hyper-personalized customer journeys to over 10 million users globally. With Blueshift, Clearscore is able to build better integrated, better targeted cross-channel messages, making 40 million messages a month feel personal by delivering dynamic content relevant to each unique user.


Suncoast Transforms Digital Member Engagement with Data-Driven Personalization

Suncoast Credit Union partnered with Blueshift to transform their digital member engagement through data-driven personalization and automation. By delivering personalized experiences guided by real-time member behavior, Suncoast has been able to improve member experiences and reduce campaign workload, including a 4x increase in engagement with their onboarding message.


Target Customers At The Right Time With the Right Messages

Successful customer engagement for financial services requires detailed customer segmentation, message personalization, and connected cross-channel campaigns. 

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Real-Time CDP

Unify and organize customer data from any source for rich customer profiles and easily accessible segments with a Customer Data Platform (CDP).
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AI-Powered Decisioning

Automate and scale your marketing with AI to segment customers, choose the best channels to reach them, and send relevant messages at optimal times.
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Cross-Channel Delivery

Orchestrate seamless customer journeys that adapt in real-time across any channel, including email, SMS, in-app, web, paid media, and more.
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