“I would describe Blueshift as the best platform for data-driven companies, with very aggressive targets, who are looking to drive growth across the business.”

Donatella Storchi
Donatella Storchi Growth Marketing Lead, ClearScore
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Dynamic Customer Journeys

ClearScore is a one-stop-shop to nurture your financial health, and Blueshift is their team’s answer to running hyper-personalized dynamic customer journeys all in one hub. ClearScore marketers can easily manage live campaigns, use insights to shape new journeys, and craft messaging with just a few clicks.

Intuitive A/B testing, plug-and-play templates, and automated journey building have greatly reduced the time spent on campaign design. This has proved invaluable to the growth of ClearScore’s team.


“Blueshift is a powerful platform which is capable of allowing you to conduct disruptive CRM. The fact that it allows you to build custom attributes and events is key. It allows us to conduct mass personalized CRM which is otherwise hard on other platforms. It also allows us to fire custom data which is crucial for our CRM approach.”

Ziad Al-Ziadi
Ziad Al-Ziadi Product Manager, ClearScore