In today’s data-rich world, marketers in the world of finance have a unique opportunity to not only cultivate trust and loyalty but drive remarkable growth and efficiencies through data-driven personalization.

Watch this insightful webinar with Suncoast Credit Union to learn how to leverage data and automation for more impactful member experiences:

  • Discover best practices and strategies for collecting the most valuable data from various touchpoints, including customer behavior and key events.
  • Learn how to strategically employ data throughout the entire customer lifecycle to trigger dynamic member journeys, including onboarding and cross-sell campaigns. 
  • Explore the power of automation in personalizing and streamlining workflows, using dynamic content, shared assets, and language translation.



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Hanna Britt

Director of Marketing Automation, Suncoast Credit Union

Dana Martin

Marketing Automation Strategist, Suncoast Credit Union

Joan Jenkins

Chief Marketing Officer, Blueshift