Watch our webinar and learn how to create frictionless customer journeys in highly complex markets.

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In a highly complex market, you want to streamline interactions for customers and guide them to take action. Multifaceted customer journeys can become unwieldy for marketers to tackle and create – and potentially confusing to customers.

Watch our webinar with Medicare insurance marketplace, GoHealth and learn how its marketing team cuts through complexity to design rich and highly effective customer journeys. Get actionable best practices from GoHealth’s Frances Carroll, Manager of Marketing Automation and Blueshift’s Joan Jenkins, CMO.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Take complex data and transform it into accessible and actionable data for every marketer
  • Build and work with complex filters for thorough and agile segmentation of customer journeys
  • Use rich data to quickly and intelligently build customer journeys – including triggered journeys with multiple paths

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Frances Carroll

Manager, Marketing Automation, GoHealth

Joan Jenkins

CMO, Blueshift