There’s more to email as a marketing channel. Download our analysis of the 38 billion cross-channel messages sent on our platform in 2022 and see how your metrics stack up for personalized campaigns, triggered messages, and more.

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Push, In-App, and Mobile Accelerate

While email continues to be the leading channel in volume, our analysis finds that more marketers are achieving success with mobile marketing, including in-app, push, and SMS.

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Personalization Drives Relevance and Impact

Messages with AI-powered content and product recommendations yield a 166% higher conversion rate. An intelligent customer engagement platform helps you automate three critical activities for personalization: identifying customers, selecting the right message content, and choosing the most engaging channel.

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Triggered Messages Further Interactions And Conversions

Triggered campaigns are a great opportunity to engage or re-engage customers based on their real-time behaviors, activity levels, interests, and more. Use these campaigns to inspire further interactions and conversions from customers who have purchased or saved their cart, or re-engage customers who are showing signs of churn.

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Use Our Benchmark to Improve Your Strategies

Should you batch-send on a single channel? Is SMS an effective channel? How best to send personalized recommendations? Get answers to these questions and more in the benchmark report.