Enhance customer journeys and boost efficiency with campaign AI — from selecting the best channels and time to automating A/B test winner selection.

Ai Powered send times

the right time

Send Time Optimization

Drive conversion with relevant, timely messages that trigger at critical moments of the customer journey.

  • Optimize send times for downstream behaviors that lead to revenue, rather than initial open rates.
  • Use AI to optimize send times by analyzing past messaging activity, customer attributes, and site activity.
  • Ensure you’re messaging each customer at the right time, every time.
AI Powered SMS marketing

the right channel

Channel Engagement Scores

Engage on the marketing channel that will drive the most impact with predictive channel engagement scores.

  • Update engagement scores in real time based on a deep analysis of customer engagement and behaviors.
  • Determine scores by historical campaign activity, catalog interactions, customer attributes, and more.
  • Deliver more precisely targeted customer experiences that adapt to each user in the moment.
A/B test example for triggered email campaigns


Automatic Winner Selection

Improve the effectiveness of your outreach and achieve better results faster with robust A/B testing and automatic winner selection. 

  • Streamline your efforts by leveraging AI to choose the winning variation based on your key metric.
  • Experiment with various templates, including different personalization and content styles, to find what works best.
  • Optimize for different subject lines and increase your rate of engagement and conversion.


Smart Guide to AI Marketing

AI unlocks cross-channel customer engagement by answering who, what, when, how, and where for marketers. Marketers can now harness its predictive power, unlock valuable customer insights, and personalize campaigns at scale. Let’s break down the nuts and bolts of AI, explore its day-to-day applications, and discover remarkable results.


AI-Powered Marketing

Blueshift’s accessible AI empowers marketers to exceed customer expectations at scale. Learn more about how Blueshift powers customer, content, and campaign AI.

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Syndicate Segments and Deliver 1:1 Campaigns

Ensure each customer interaction reaches the right person with the right message at the right time and through the channel most likely to drive action with marketer-accessible AI.

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