Modern marketers need innovative solutions to deliver personalized customer engagement at scale – that’s why many marketers have made the shift to Blueshift.

Discover why customers choose Blueshift over Emarsys:

  • AI Recommendations: Emarsys falls short with 1:1 personalization and recommendations, whereas Blueshift has plug-and-play recommendation recipes that span industries and scales as you grow
  • Audience Segmentation: Emarsys has limited capabilities, while Blueshift empowers marketers with easy-to-use segmentation tools
  • Innovation: Emarsys was founded solely as an email marketing platform, whereas Blueshift was engineered with AI at its core for scalable cross-channel marketing

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Achieve Faster ROI in 30 Days

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E-Commerce Starter Pack

Jumpstart your marketing efforts with our E-commerce Starter Pack. Get the essentials to launch in just 30 days with:

  • Automated Campaigns: Personalized emails triggered by real-time customer data to drive purchases with up to 9 campaigns, ready for launch, including abandoned cart, price change, and back in stock.
  • Recommendation Recipes: Automatically match customers with the most relevant products with up to 9 recommendation recipes, including abandoned browse, category affinity, and post-purchase.
Data Security with GDPR, AICPA SOC, HIPPA compliant, and CCPA

Secure and compliant

Data Security and Privacy

Blueshift complies with leading privacy compliance regulations, including GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, and CCPA.

  • Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit.
  • Single sign-on is deployed along with strong password requirements, two-factor authentication, and audit logs.
  • Custom user roles and permissions are provided.
Jeff Ekblad

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“We chose Blueshift over other customer engagement platforms in the market because Blueshift does a great job of putting the most powerful tools under one roof. Easy access to the product catalog is critical for ecommerce players as well as – in the box recommendations, distribution of audiences, WYSIWYG builders and more. Assembling this toolset with direct access to a clean data layer is a game changer for us.”

Jeff Ekblad VP of Marketing, Sweetwater
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Add the power of Blueshift AI to your martech investments and maximize ROI. We integrate across email, mobile, web, digital, customer support, and more.

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