“Once you have all this data integrated within the CDP, there is so much functionality available in there that you don’t need engineers to go and customize something for you. So data democratization was a very important function, which I realized that’s not what we started it from. By working with the CDP that it’s very, very helpful for the marketers.”

Vineet Mahajan
Vineet Mahajan Chief Technology Officer, U.S. News
u.s. news case study cover image

The Challenge

U.S. News sought to enhance real-time data analysis and capture user engagement but lacked a solution that could efficiently integrate and activate data across platforms without IT assistance.

The Outcome

Implementing Blueshift's CDP enabled U.S. News to unify and activate data from all sources, democratize data access, and boost engagement through personalized, AI-driven marketing.

Boosting Marketing Efficiency and Effectiveness with Data Democratization

U.S. News & World Report chose Blueshift for its robust CDP and marketing automation capabilities, enabling the team to both unify and activate data within a single platform. Now, they can seamlessly combine warehouse data with real-time events to construct comprehensive customer profiles and instantly act on these insights for both inbound and outbound engagement. Additionally, implementing Blueshift’s CDP has facilitated data democratization within the organization, empowering marketers and non-technical teams to independently access and leverage the customer data needed to effectively connect with their readers—all without engineering assistance. This has significantly streamlined operations and boosted engagement through AI and data-driven personalization.