Level Up Your Omnichannel Engagement: Next-Generation Journey Builder and New App Hub

Channel engagement diagram screenshot

As marketers, we all know personalized experiences are key to winning over customers. As today’s customers engage with brands on a growing number of channels, they expect those personalized interactions to take place and be connected across every touchpoint with the brand.

Beyond personalization, customers want frictionless omnichannel experiences that are responsive to their in-the-moment needs and take place on the most relevant channel. We’ve seen the brands that successfully meet these omnichannel expectations achieve cost savings of up to 30% and revenue increases of as much as 20%.

In reality, delivering relevant, connected interactions across channels is a challenge for most brands because of the need to wrangle a growing number of platforms. Marketers today need a centralized place to connect and orchestrate personalized customer journeys that seamlessly deliver the right experiences in response to each customer’s unique behaviors. This platform must not only keep up with customers’ evolving preferences but also stay one step ahead as new channels and behaviors emerge.

At Blueshift, we’ve always focused on innovations that help you engage customers in smarter ways while making your team more productive, nimble, and self-sufficient. That’s why we’re excited to announce our next-generation Journey Builder and new App Hub being released in October 2021.

With input from our customers, we’ve redesigned the omnichannel campaign orchestration and management experience around simplicity, productivity, and agility — and we’ve made it seamless to extend that experience across any brand touchpoint. Creating meaningful customer experiences and driving impact across the lifecycle has never been this fast and easy.

Easily Orchestrate Relevant, Real-Time Experiences

Our reimagined omnichannel Journey Builder provides an intuitive, powerful canvas to create campaigns and experiences that deepen engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. It provides all the marketer-friendly tools and controls to more quickly and seamlessly orchestrate, test, and optimize every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. You’ll have the flexibility, control, and confidence to create dynamic journeys that customize to each customer’s behaviors, helping you drive results and meet your goals.

Journey builder

Key enhancements include:

  • A simplified UX
  • More intuitive campaign building
  • Added time-saving features
  • Seamless integration of any channel
  • Sophisticated user flows
  • Enhanced testing and reporting

“To stay relevant to users and drive viewership, you need to be able to reengage users across the right channels at key times of the day with content that matches each user’s unique interests. You can’t achieve that without a centralized platform that provides visibility into customers’ viewing habits and gives marketers the ability to quickly create, test, and optimize personalized engagement strategies across the customer lifecycle.” – Fredrik Salzedo, Director of CRM, Discovery+ EMEA

Connect Any Touchpoint Within the Customer Journey

Our new App Hub offers a central place to easily browse, connect, customize, and manage third-party app integrations from our growing library of integrations. With a simple, self-serve, no-code interface, you can connect and start using any app in minutes — including your custom-built apps. You’ll be able to customize templates to define the actions that can be orchestrated within an app, further simplifying and fool-proofing workflows.

You’ll also be able to immediately receive data from responses to interactions within apps and trigger actions either within the same app or a different app based on the response data. This will make it easier than ever to customize interactions across your marketing and CX channels, and sync data with any system, in real time.

Blueshift app hub

Once an app is connected, you can immediately orchestrate it within the Journey Builder. For example, an ecommerce brand can create a journey that triggers when a purchase is placed and connect a direct mail upsell, a post-purchase product review prompt through email, and a post-purchase customer satisfaction survey through email and SMS — all in one platform that is omni-aware of exactly where the customer is at any moment. It has never been easier to connect touchpoints across marketing, in-product, sales, and service.

Deliver Results in Record Time

With our new Journey Builder and App Hub experience, workflows that took weeks or more can now be accomplished in minutes. You’ll be able to bring all your marketing ideas to life by creating more campaigns faster while making them smarter and more responsive.

You’ll have real-time visibility into how each interaction impacts customers, as well as the ability to integrate measurement, testing, and optimization at every step so that you can maximize impact and deepen relationships with customers across channels. You’ll also be able to more easily collaborate across your team and provide an intuitive way to understand customer journeys and their impact on customer growth and revenue to everyone within your organization.

Customer engagement dynamics will only continue to evolve. Blueshift is committed to providing you the tools that make delivering connected, real-time omnichannel experiences driven by customer data and behaviors seamless, simple, and quick. Engaging customers with intuitive omnichannel marketing is now equally as intuitive for marketers like you.

To learn more about our reimagined Journey Builder and new App Hub, join our upcoming webinar or schedule a demo with one of our SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP) experts today.