In today’s ever-evolving, competitive landscape, staying relevant and growing customer engagement means marketers must continue to adapt and elevate their customer experiences. That requires an omnichannel approach. In this Smart Guide, we’ll dive into how to create the right moments of engagement for your customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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A Major Shift In Customer Expectations

It’s no secret that customer behaviors and expectations of brands are constantly evolving. What worked five years ago — or even last year — no longer works today. Customers are more informed than ever with access to social media, comparison shopping, and reviews — all at their fingertips. They’re also saturated with marketing messages, discounts, and offers at every turn.

Customers want brands to be mind-readers that anticipate their needs and provide the information, products, or offers they need in that moment. They want interactions with brands to be intuitive, timely, and valuable. Marketers must take a smart, intentional, customer-first approach to how they engage customers throughout their journey with the brand.

1PwC (2018) Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right

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The Frequently Evolving Customer Journey

In our increasingly digital world, customers are engaging with brands across a growing number of channels. They’ve become channel agnostic and don’t view their brand interactions across channel lines. Shoppers average half a dozen different channel interactions before they make a purchase, and they expect experiences across those channels to be seamless.

Creating seamless, connected customer experiences across channels requires a new approach ー omnichannel ー which builds customer journeys around a comprehensive view of your customers and is responsive to how customers are engaging with your brand across channels. That way, an interaction on one channel immediately impacts what that customer experiences on another.

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Customer Success Story

LendingTree Grows Customer Engagement with Intentional Lifecycle Journeys

“The magic with Blueshift is its agility and ability to handle data for segmentation, journeys, and personalization across all channels, no matter the speed or attributes that we put in. We have the flexibility to use our data to improve results across many different use cases.”

Joyce Poole
Joyce Poole Sr. Director, Marketing CRM, LendingTree


Deliver Dynamic Customer Experiences

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