MORPHeus Award Winner (Q3 2021): Soubhik Dawn, Director of Product Management

Morpheus Awards trivia question reading, "Which Blueshift Core Value(s) did Soubhik Dawn Demonstrate?" with the answers "Raise The Bar" and "Have Fun. Seriously!" selected.

It’s that time, yet again, to announce the winner of this past quarter’s MORPHeus Award!

Following a busy fall that included enhanced product features, a new Blueshift Academy course, the launch of our Smart Guide to Omnichannel Campaigns, and a spot on Deloitte’s 2021 Technology Fast 500, we have a lot to be grateful for (and excited about) as we close out the year and head into 2022. No matter what occasions you may be celebrating with your family and friends, the holidays are a time to share in joy — and have some fun, seriously, just like we say in our core values:

At Blueshift, we recognize that greatness happens in and outside of the office (or, in some cases, our home offices), and that what makes a company strong and successful means having team members who bring their own unique talents, skills, and perspectives to the table.

In our third quarter of 2021, we had 32 total nominations for the MORPHeus Awards, spanning departments such as Product Marketing and Customer Success to Brand & Creative and Sales. With the big projects completed and customers acquired in Q3, there were many contenders for this quarter’s award. After demonstrating remarkable innovation and leadership, the winner of the Q3 2021 MORPHeus Award was Soubhik Dawn!

Soubhik, Director of Product Management at Blueshift based in San Francisco, was nominated for Raising the Bar and Having Fun, Seriously! Here’s what the teammates who nominated him had to say:

  • “Since Soubhik started, we now have a streamlined release process, product release notes, feature request process, and an effective weekly scrum for each engineering team. He has shown that he raises the bar in terms of getting things done. He is a great organizer and team leader.”
  • “Soubhik managed the launch of Project Rocketship, and he also coordinated a celebration for everyone who played a role in the launch. The celebration included an award-worthy performance of La Bamba. After the big launch, it was nice to take a break and have some serious fun.”

Yes, you read that correctly; Soubhik sang La Bamba live on Zoom and invited his fellow teammates to join in. We think a Grammy nomination might be on the horizon.

When reflecting on what the MORPHeus Award represents to him, Soubhik said:

I love the MORPHeus Award ceremony, where everyone gets to know who the nominees are and why they were nominated, as well as how our teammates take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions from each nominee. It brings out the best in us and makes us aspire to be on the nomination list. It is a great feeling to win the award, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my stellar colleagues. So a big thank you to everyone who made this possible, and I hope to see you win the MORPHeus Award soon.

Congrats, Soubhik! We look forward to seeing many more achievements — and karaoke performances — in the future.

Keep an eye out for the Q4 2021 MORPHeus Award winner next quarter!

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