Orchestrate Seamless Customer Journeys with Our Smart Guide to Omnichannel Campaigns

Orchestrate Seamless Customer Journeys with Our Smart Guide to Omnichannel Campaigns

It’s no secret that customer behaviors and expectations of brands are constantly evolving. What worked five years ago — or even last year — no longer works today. Customers are more informed than ever with access to social media, comparison shopping, and reviews — all at their fingertips. They’re also saturated with marketing messages, discounts, and offers at every turn. That means that for brands to win customer attention and earn their share of wallet, they have to work hard to create meaningful customer experiences throughout the lifecycle that add value, not noise.

Customers want brands to be mind-readers that anticipate their needs and provide the information, products, or offers they need in that moment. They want interactions with brands to be intuitive, timely, and valuable. To cater to these expectations, marketers must take a smart, intentional, customer-first approach to how they engage customers throughout their journey with the brand. In today’s ever-evolving, competitive landscape, staying relevant and growing customer engagement means marketers must continue to adapt and elevate their customer experiences. More and more of that requires an omnichannel approach.


Why You Need Omnichannel Marketing

As customers expect increased personalization and cohesive experiences across channels, taking a fresh approach to your marketing is the only way to stay relevant to their ever-changing needs and expectations. Multichannel campaigns — marketing campaigns that span all channels independently — no longer cut it. To activate customers, keep them engaged, and retain them for the long run, an omnichannel marketing strategy is a necessity.

While single- and multichannel marketing are channel-centric, omnichannel marketing puts customers at the forefront. After all, customers (or students, in the case of eLearning platforms) are what keep your brand relevant and make your business possible. Omnichannel campaigns use unified customer data to ensure seamless, optimized customer experiences across the most relevant channels.

Orchestrate Seamless Customer Journeys with Our Smart Guide to Omnichannel Campaigns

To make omnichannel marketing a reality for your brand, you need the right set of knowledge and tools — as well as a best-of-breed SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP) — to orchestrate meaningful customer experiences. That’s why we’ve created the Smart Guide to Omnichannel Campaigns as your go-to resource for all things omnichannel.

1PwC (2018) Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right

In this Smart Guide, here’s what you’ll learn:


The Evolving Customer Journey

The intro to our Smart Guide to Omnichannel Campaigns opens with an overview of the shifting expectations of customers and how your brand can put customers first through omnichannel. Then, we dive into stats about the importance of creating seamlessly connected customer experiences.


The Growing Importance of Omnichannel

This section defines the omnichannel experience and focuses on what true customer-centricity means in the marketing landscape. Plus, we outline the differences between single-, multi-, and omnichannel campaigns in an easy-to-read chart so there are no grey areas when it comes to definitions, approaches, and results.


Best Practices for Implementing Omnichannel Campaigns

This chapter details the seven main steps to getting started with omnichannel campaigns, as well as best practices for each channel and for developing a customer-centric omnichannel strategy.


Campaigns for Each Phase of the Lifecycle

In this section, we expand on the intended outcome, approximate length, and recommended channels for each of the following customer lifecycle phases — plus, pro tips for making each campaign omnichannel:

  • Welcome Series
  • Conversion Campaigns
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Loyalty Campaigns
  • Retention Series


The Future of Customer Engagement

Finally, the conclusion of the Smart Guide to Omnichannel Campaigns summarizes key takeaways to keep in mind as you incorporate omnichannel marketing into your customer journeys.


Your Omnichannel Journey Starts Here

As you incorporate omnichannel campaigns throughout your customers’ journeys, keep in mind:

  • You’ll need the right tool to activate your data and deploy meaningful omnichannel customer experiences, like the SmartHub CDP.
  • As the number of marketing channels grows and customer expectations evolve, your brand must continue to anticipate and be responsive to their needs.
  • To establish an effective omnichannel marketing strategy that will increase customer engagement, a customer-first approach is crucial.


Welcome to Our Smart Guide Series

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