Now Available on Blueshift Academy: Omnichannel Campaigns

Now Available on Blueshift Academy: Omnichannel Campaigns

As customer expectations evolve and personalized experiences move to the center of your digital marketing strategy, creating omnichannel campaigns is becoming more and more imperative for activating and retaining customers. In order to equip marketers like you with the platform capabilities you need to optimize your omnichannel marketing, Blueshift has recently launched our next-generation Journey Builder and new App Hub to make campaign orchestration simple, productive, and agile.

To help you make seamless omnichannel journeys possible for your customers, we’ve released an Omnichannel Campaigns course that covers everything from today’s customer engagement landscape to best practices for getting started with omnichannel, along with overviews on how to use these platform features.

This course is a part of Blueshift Academy — a series of courses designed to help you become an expert in using our SmartHub CDP. Courses cover comprehensive topics such as AI marketing, mobile marketing, email deliverability, and more. Plus, they’re free!


Customer Engagement Today

This intro section covers the evolution of customer engagement, the shift from single-channel to multi-channel to omnichannel, and how to get started with omnichannel campaigns.

Now Available on Blueshift Academy: Omnichannel Campaigns


Campaigns Across the Lifecycle

Here, we give an overview of engaging customers across the lifecycle. We also provide a brief overview of each lifecycle campaign, including the main objective, tips, how to drive impact with an omnichannel approach, recommended channels, and series length.

The customer lifecycle campaigns covered include:

  • Welcome Series
  • Conversion
  • Activation
  • Loyalty
  • Retention
New User to Customer flow diagram


Overview: Campaigns in Blueshift

This module teaches you different campaign types and when to use each, how to design your desired campaigns using triggers, and how to set up campaign execution details.

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How to Create Campaigns

This section presents a how-to video outline to help you get started with event-triggered campaigns. In addition, this module gives information and demos about intuitive journey building, campaign validation, journey views, and other campaign features.

Blueshift Journey Tree graphic


Testing, Optimization & Reporting

Here, we teach you about A/B testing and optimization (including a video outlining how to set up an A/B test), our platform’s Reports tab, and real-time campaign reporting.

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Connecting Channels & Apps

In this module focused on our new App Hub, we present sample use cases and how to connect your apps in just a few easy steps. This section also includes a quick walkthrough video that explains how easy it is to connect and use apps within campaigns and customer journeys.

Blueshift App Hub screen


Best Practices to Getting Started

The final module gives you the best practices you need to implement omnichannel campaigns into your marketing strategy, such as unifying your customer data, understanding the role and strengths of each channel, and designing experiences that are intuitive and connected. This section also includes five essential campaigns for each of these four industries: personal finance, media & publishing, retail & ecommerce, and eLearning.

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