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Using First-Party Data in Email and Beyond

With the demise of the third-party cookies and IDFA, marketers will have to lean more heavily on their first-party data and the channels that are closest to their known customer base.


JUNE 10, 2021


30 Minutes

Hear from Marketing Pros

In this webinar, Marina Ben-Zvi, Director of Product Marketing at Blueshift, and April Mullen, Director of Brand and Content Marketing at SparkPost, will talk about how you can use your data in ways that drive true 1:1 connection and maximize the value of your hard-earned data.

In this Webinar, You’ll Learn:

  • How to collect and leverage your first-party data
  • Creative ways to reach your customers across all channels using your data, including email and mobile
  • Success stories from brands and our own research to show the power of a well-planned strategy

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