Behind the Scenes at Blueshift: Pete’s Story

Employee stories featuring Pete Scanlan, Enterprise Sales Executibe

At Blueshift, our company-wide #team Slack channel primarily consists of announcements, project launches or content releases, and — of course — celebrations when we win new customers or close an upsell. Behind the flurry of congratulatory comments, GIFs, and emojis is a hardworking sales team that obsesses over customer success (one of our five core values).

Pete Scanlan, Enterprise Sales Executive at Blueshift, is a member of that team who helps make our success possible. Learn more about Pete and his self-proclaimed obsession with customer success in today’s edition of Behind the Scenes at Blueshift.

From Pete’s perspective, the real work starts after the post-sale high fiving takes place. In the marketing world, it’s relatively easy to come up with a shiny sales pitch that influences customers to hop on board. Potential customers are flooded with brand messages, false promises, and — in Pete’s words — “froth.” However, having real integrity means talking the talk and walking the walk; it means cutting through the cacophony of industry jargon and buzzwords to truly deliver value to customers through our product.

“Blueshift’s obsession with customer success permeates the whole customer lifecycle, which gives me confidence. Over the course of my career, that hasn’t always been the case. There’s nothing worse than false advertising — when you go over the finish line in the sales cycle, you need the product to work. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and what has struck me about Blueshift is that our product really works, and it works really well.” – Pete Scanlan, Enterprise Sales Executive at Blueshift

What makes Pete so enthusiastic about his job is not the praise or celebration he receives after winning a sale, but rather the knowledge that we are solving extremely relevant, pressing challenges for our customers. This authentic belief in our product energizes and motivates Pete since he knows that what he represents works. (No froth to be found here!) This intrinsic motivation and gratification is what makes our team at Blueshift such a unique and empowering work environment.

As marketers, we understand first-hand that investing in dependable, intuitive resources is an essential part of reaching your goals. With so many communication channels, it can honestly be overwhelming. We also know that when a product is exceptional, customers are really happy, and that’s why we have employees — like Pete — who genuinely care about our customers.

Over time, Pete’s confidence in the sales cycle has grown, and he continues to trust other team members to be great at their jobs and equally obsess over customer success. Seeing success in our processes and product gives us more confidence in Blueshift as a whole, and that confidence spreads both internally and externally, to employees and customers. We’re grateful to have teammates like Pete who are so dedicated to embodying and communicating our core values.