Connecting with Customers in an Ever Changing Environment

Marketers sit at a nexus point between brand and customer. On one side (Brand), there are value props and offers, martech stacks, and disconnected data. Oh, and growth targets. On the other side (Customer) are increasing expectations of relevancy, more communication channels (and distractions) than ever before, and more competition. Oh, and the desire for less data tracking and more privacy. No wonder marketers are stressed!




45 MIN

Relief for Overwhelmed Marketers

Join Karin Matthews, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at Taubman, and Nathan Loveless, Vice President of Enterprise at Blueshift, to explore how marketers are thinking about these challenges.

In this Session You’ll Learn:

  • The impact of disconnected data on growth
  • How to approach a personalization strategy in a cookieless future
  • The role of ‘omnichannel marketing’ in a marketer’s toolkit

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