Blueshift Named a CDP and Marketing Automation Leader in G2’s Summer 2021 Report

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to empower marketers to achieve their goals with the help of our SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP). We kicked off our Blueshift Engage21 event with a keynote address from Brad Wilson, EVP of Growth & Revenue at HBO Max, plus five 1-hour sessions with top-level marketers. In addition to this innovative on-demand experience, we’ve also released a Blueshift Academy Mobile Marketing Fundamentals course (earn your certification here) and held our first-ever Customer Advisory Board meeting.

As we look ahead to this upcoming quarter, we’re once again excited to announce that Blueshift was named a Leader for CDP and Marketing Automation — as well as a Momentum Leader for CDP, Marketing Automation, and Mobile Marketing — in G2’s Summer 2021 Report. At Blueshift, customers are at the core of what we do. Let’s see what they had to say about our platform’s features.

How Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP stacks up

  • 95% of users believe the product is headed in the right direction
  • 94% of reviews were 4+ stars
  • 87% of users said they would be likely to recommend Blueshift to others

Customers also highly rated Blueshift’s Email Marketing, Lead Management, and Platform features.

Highest-rated CDP features:

  • Data Enrichment was rated 92% compared to the industry average of 89%
  • Meets Requirements was rated 90% compared to the industry average of 89%
  • Ease of Admin was rated 89% compared to the industry average of 87%

Highest-rated Marketing Automation features:

  • 93% of users believe the product is headed in the right direction
  • Ease of Doing Business With was rated 92% compared to the industry average of 91%
  • Quality of Support was rated 92% compared to the industry average of 89%

Highest-rated Mobile Marketing features:

  • 96% of users believe the product is headed in the right direction compared to the industry average of 89%
  • Meets Requirements was rated 90% compared to the industry average of 89%
  • Ease of Doing Business With and Quality of Support were rated 93% compared to the industry averages of 91% and 89% (respectively)

What Blueshift’s satisfied customers had to say

“Blueshift allows me to understand my customers in a way most other platforms do not. The insights I am able to glean and then turn around action within the platform give me the opportunity to scale in a way that other platforms do not.”

“Blueshift is user-friendly, simple, and effective. You can get the insights you wonder in a couple of minutes. The support team is incredibly fast and always helpful.”

“We have been using Blueshift for some time now, and seeing the features and tools advance has been great! The AI & predictive features help us personalise [sic] communication with customers which is key for us. On top of this, the team is always helpful and takes the time to understand our needs and offer custom solutions to help us achieve our goals.”

“We’ve found Blueshift to have the widest range of capabilities out of any CRM / customer journey tool that we’ve worked with.”

“I love the ability to segment and build drip campaigns based on our needs. Blueshift has also been fantastic at helping us solve problems whenever we have questions. The Account Management team focuses on providing phenomenal customer support, which is one of the main reasons why we chose Blueshift as a solution. As a head of marketing focused on building both strategies and executing on them, Blueshift has been key to my success.”


Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP enables you to unify customer data and orchestrate engaging customer experiences in real time, and we are grateful to be recognized by G2 as a best-of-breed customer data and marketing automation platform. If you’re interested in seeing how our leading SmartHub CDP can deliver personalized experiences to your customers — and bring your brand to the next level — schedule a custom demo with our team.

Read other reviews about Blueshift by visiting our G2 pageIf you’re interested in connecting with one of our marketing automation experts to learn more about our SmartHub CDP, contact us today!