What We Learned From Blueshift’s First Customer Advisory Board Meeting

Blueshift Customer Advisory Board graphic

“Obsess Over Customer Success” is one of Blueshift’s core values. We succeed when our customers succeed. To better serve our growing customer base and help elevate their customer engagement we need to consistently gather and act on customer feedback. That’s why we’re excited to announce the formation of our first-ever Customer Advisory Board.

The new Customer Advisory Board will provide strategic insight, guidance, and feedback that will help shape the future of Blueshift’s SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP) and align our product direction to ensure our shared success. The board brings together an esteemed group of forward-thinking marketing and technology leaders representing both new and long-time customers spanning verticals, including ecommerce, media, and consumer finance. This new forum will deepen our understanding of our customers’ goals and current and future needs and will provide a platform through which we can work together on solutions to customers’ pressing challenges.

Two weeks ago board members and the Blueshift team gathered, virtually, for our inaugural meeting. We had energizing discussions in which board members offered insights and shared their best practices for activating customers and delivering exceptional experiences with Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP.

What We Learned

Across a series of sessions, a few themes emerged. While each board member’s business model and customer engagement dynamics are distinct, they each echoed the following priorities and needs.

  • Growing Active Customers. Businesses grow through having more active customers, and every board member is focusing on driving customers to be more active throughout and extending their lifecycle by shifting from a transaction-focused mindset to a relationship-building one. Many of the board members have businesses with infrequent transactions. How do you stay top-of-mind with customers, re-engage them at the right time, and ramp down communications when appropriate while still staying present by offering valuable information and resources?
  • Connecting “marketing” and the “experience.” The line is blurring with what was traditionally viewed as the brand experience (in-store, on your website, in-app) and marketing touchpoints. Board members are increasingly using our SmartHub CDP to activate marketing channels to expedite and enhance the customer experience, connect their marketing and non-marketing touchpoints, and make marketing channels a key part of their product experience.
  • Learning from peers. The marketing landscape and consumer preferences are changing fast. Marketing strategies that worked a couple years ago won’t unlock that next level of growth. Even the most forward-thinking marketers are looking for peer-to-peer learning and the exchanging of ideas and best practices. We want to learn how others approached solutions to similar problems. Together we can all uplevel each other.

What’s Next?

The learnings and new perspectives from the first Blueshift Customer Advisory Board meeting will help frame the direction of Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP offerings. Our leadership team has already kicked off a set of initiatives to address these areas.

The Customer Advisory Board  will meet quarterly to discuss their evolving needs, provide feedback on Blueshift’s product roadmap, and brainstorm opportunities and solutions to their challenges. We look forward to their continued insight and co-create solutions that help marketers stay ahead in the fast-changing customer engagement landscape.