Keep Subscribers Coming Back with These Top 5 Omnichannel Campaigns

Keep Subscribers Coming Back with These Top 5 Omnichannel Campaigns


Drive sales and loyalty for your retail or ecommerce brand through seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

Imagine this: you’re a marketer who’s trying to sell a streaming service or social media platform to a goldfish. Sounds tricky, right? Considering the theory that’s been swirling around the past few years — that humans now have an eight-second attention span, one whole second shorter than a goldfish — capturing and holding user attention requires a fresh approach to curating content to individual customers’ interests.

As a marketer in the media and publishing industry, you know this is no small feat. With social platforms, streaming services, and countless media apps vying to captivate users, your content not only needs to stand out on its own, but it also needs to be communicated to customers in the most effective and personalized way possible. Say goodbye to batch-and-blast campaigns and hello to messages tailored to specific customers.

In order to win over users and influence them to return to your media or publishing brand time and time again, you must make omnichannel marketing campaigns the center of your marketing strategy. According to Digital Commerce 360, companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement. Omnichannel isn’t just about marketing across all channels; it’s about marketing to your users on the channels most pertinent to the content they’re seeking.

“Blueshift helps us stay relevant to our users. By exposing users to new content they actually want to watch from our broad content collection, we’ve increased content consumption and reduced churn. We now have visibility into users’ viewing habits and behavior with our service. Combining that with a powerful recommendation engine and predictive models, we can re-engage users across the right channels at key times of the day with content that matches their interests.” – Fredrik Salzedo, Director, Retention/CRM, Discovery+ EMEA

To cultivate brand affinity and loyalty — and make the shift from channel-centric to customer-centric marketing — implement the following omnichannel campaigns into your strategy:

  1. Welcome Series
  2. Abandoned Action Campaign
  3. Next-Best Content Campaign
  4. Retention Series
  5. Upsell Series

In this playbook, you’ll learn how to create these five types of intentional omnichannel campaigns focused on earning, keeping, and growing user engagement with your media or publishing brand by taking a lifecycle approach.

As you incorporate omnichannel campaigns throughout customer journeys, keep in mind:

  • You’ll need the right tool to activate your data and deploy meaningful omnichannel customer experiences, like Blueshift.
  • As the number of marketing channels grows and customer expectations evolve, your media or publishing brand must continue to anticipate and be responsive to their needs.

The campaigns and tips outlined above are only as valuable as the tools you have at your disposal to make them a reality. With Blueshift, you can seamlessly create omnichannel campaigns that keep your customers coming back to your brand. We’ve recently introduced enhanced features, such as our next-generation Journey Builder and new App Hub, to make this possible for your media or publishing company. To learn more about our brand, product, and leadership, click here.


Cultivate true brand loyalists with our exclusive retail and ecommerce playbook on omnichannel campaigns.