Are You Expecting Enough Out of Your Martech?

Marketers buy martech to solve specific problems. However, this habit results in cycles of marketers identifying a new problem and buying a new technology when a tech stack with the right amount of flexibility could actually grow and scale with them.

Are You Expecting Enough Out of Your Martech?


AUGUST 24, 2021


1 Hour

Hear from Marketing Pros

Join Mannie Francis, Director of Customer Success at Blueshift, and Shamir Duverseau, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Smart Panda Labs, to discuss how a continuous improvement approach to martech can keep your organization growing longer and faster than the competition.

In this Session You’ll Learn:

  • The ‘set it and forget it’ fallacy of martech
  • How to evaluate your tech to know when you need to buy and when you don’t
  • Why this is more important than ever in today’s omnichannel world

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