5 Essential Omnichannel Campaigns for Personal Finance

5 Essential Omnichannel Campaigns for Personal Finance

When you’re making an important decision in your life, you likely turn to the people you trust the most to help give you advice or support you along your path. As a result of this established rapport, those trusted people (such as family, friends, or colleagues) become your support system over the long term.

If you’re a personal finance marketer, your relationship with customers functions similarly. You not only want customers to trust you with their most important financial decisions, but you also want them to depend on you as their go-to partner for years to come. From applying for loans to investing in their futures, these decisions greatly impact your customers — and your ability to meet their expectations in a personalized way will separate you from the rest.

In order to make your personal finance company’s presence known and respected, you must make omnichannel marketing campaigns the center of your marketing strategy. According to Digital Commerce 360, companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement. Omnichannel isn’t just about marketing across all channels; it’s about marketing to your customers on the channels most relevant to their individual financial journeys.

“Our new journey approach has brought us closer to our customers. We have truly learned a lot about our customer segments, which at times were counter to what our perception was. Only by watching their behavior throughout the journeys in Blueshift were we really able to see that.” – Joyce Poole, Sr. Director, Marketing CRM, LendingTree

To take your personal finance company to the next level and make the shift from channel-centric to customer-centric marketing, implement the following omnichannel campaigns into your strategy:

  1. Multi-Touch Welcome Campaign
  2. Weekly Educational Newsletter
  3. Reactivation Series
  4. Cross-Sell Campaign
  5. Abandoned Action Campaign

In this playbook, you’ll learn how to create these five types of intentional omnichannel campaigns focused on driving leads, converting customers, and building an ongoing relationship as a trusted financial advisor.

As you incorporate omnichannel campaigns throughout customer journeys, keep in mind:

  • You’ll need the right tool to activate your data and deploy meaningful omnichannel customer experiences, like the SmartHub CDP.
  • As the number of marketing channels grows and customer expectations evolve, your personal finance company must continue to anticipate and be responsive to their needs.

The campaigns and tips outlined above are only as valuable as the tools you have at your disposal to make them a reality. With a SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP) like Blueshift, you can seamlessly create omnichannel campaigns that help your customers meet — and exceed — their personal finance goals. We’ve recently introduced enhanced features, such as our next-generation Journey Builder and new App Hub, to make this possible for your personal finance company. To learn more about our brand, product, and leadership, click here.


Give your personal finance company a boost and create customers for life with our exclusive playbook on omnichannel campaigns.