Is the Death of the Cookie the Death of Digital Marketing?

As digital marketers, we’ve become accustomed to knowing everything about everyone, but with privacy standards changing and cookies going away it means that we’re facing our biggest challenge since the invention of the spam filter. But fear not, there is hope and that hope lies in creating relevant, personalized experiences that people want to engage with.




45 MIN

Make Omnichannel a Reality

Cian Murphy, Head of Content Marketing for International Living Publishing, and Nick Chappell, Martech Consultant at 14 West, are passionate about creating exceptional customer experiences based on first-party data, not third-party data. Their view is that you can, and should, be adjusting your marketing efforts to continue to grow regardless of how Google, Facebook, or Apple adjust their privacy settings. Cian and Nick join Mannie Frances, Director of Customer Success at Blueshift, to share the plan they have that’s been driving organic growth and further reducing their team’s dependence on third-party data.

In this Session You’ll Learn:

  • Lay of the land on privacy updates
  • Strategy and options for upcoming changes
  • How International Living is proactively adjusting for these changes

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