Behind the Scenes at Blueshift: Bhavti’s Story

Employee stories featuring Bhavti Sharda, AI Solutions Engineer

Job interviews can be nerve-racking, that’s for sure. Speaking from personal experience, when I was interviewing at Blueshift, something out of the ordinary happened. (Well, maybe not so out of the ordinary in the era of video calls with unexpected background appearances, pet shenanigans, and the infamous potato filter.) In the middle of a conversation with Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer at Blueshift, the fire alarm in my apartment started blaring.

Thankfully, it was just a drill, but that didn’t make me any less rattled. Josh asked if everything was alright and graciously offered to push the second half of our conversation to later in the afternoon. As I signed off and waited for the fire alarm to stop, I took a deep breath. A couple hours later when Josh and I hopped back on Zoom to finish my final interview, I said, “Well, I guess you got to see firsthand how I handle situations under pressure.” After sharing a laugh, we resumed our earlier discussion without a hitch.

Less than an hour later, Alan Brusky, Senior Director of Brand & Creative at Blueshift, gave me a call and officially offered me the Senior Copywriter role. I was ecstatic that I got the job — and relieved that the ill-timed fire alarm didn’t ruin my chances.

Bhavti Sharda, an AI Solutions Engineer based in Blueshift’s Pune office, also had a unique experience during her Blueshift interview process. Due to nervousness, when she was given a prompt and asked to share her approach, she got stuck. However, instead of discounting her or moving on to the next question, the Blueshift team decided to look at the solution from her perspective and explore her approach further. After joining the team, Bhavti’s solution was actually implemented into the platform.

“Rather than finding out reasons to reject you, they actually find out reasons to select you, and this very difference gave me confidence to join Blueshift.” Bhavti Sharda, AI Solutions Engineer at Blueshift


Bhavti’s story perfectly encapsulates our core values of making new mistakes and raising the bar. At Blueshift, we’re more focused on innovation than perfection. We realize that a great product is only as great as the people behind it — and we might be a little biased, but our team has some pretty awesome people.

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