As a growth marketer, you have to be customer-centric and implement a behavior-based marketing approach. By understanding the stages of the customer lifecycle and how to create personalized recommendations, you can keep your customers engaged. In this Smart Guide, we’re breaking down strategies and tactics that drive increased engagement through growth marketing and predictive AI.

Growth marketing is a mix of product merchandising and marketing

The difference

Growth Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Growth marketing drives increased user engagement by extending the boundaries of the product into marketing channels. The strategy consists of systematic techniques and principles applied across multiple situations and products.

Unlike digital marketing, focused primarily on promoting products, growth marketing consists of driving customer engagement with the product. While growth marketers use digital marketing channels, what distinguishes them is that they feature relevant, targeted product-related content.

The result? By placing a higher value on goal-setting, data analysis, and testing and experimentation, growth marketers achieve higher engagement across channels.

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Activating Your Customers

Activation relates to the notion of the first moment when a user has fully experienced the product and derived value from it. Users who don’t get activated quickly might never return since they didn’t experience the value of the product in a reasonable timeframe.

When is a customer considered activated? A social app might consider a user activated when they follow a certain number of other users within a given time period; an ecommerce company might consider a user to be activated when they make their first purchase, or consider someone to be active if they have made a purchase within a set period of time. logo over a red SUV

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