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Smarter Marketing: Experts Discuss the Impact of AI Driven Campaign Automation

At Blueshift, we’re incredibly lucky to work with some of the most forward-thinking brands and marketers. It’s a privilege to help them create and execute marketing campaigns that activate the entirety of their customer data. Through the…
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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering AI Marketing Is Here

Within business, many monumental changes happen as a result of a catalyst: makeup became popular with the advent of movies, the internet has catapulted forward globalization, and most recently, folks staying home has pushed businesses forward…
Explaining the smart in SmartHub CDP

SmartHub CDP Explained: Breaking Down the Smart

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Often, marketers find themselves held back by their tech stacks, and this is because stacks are typically built around individual channel platforms, instead of around the customer — and as a result, are left with a fractured view of the customer.…
How Growth Marketers Can Scale Up Customer-Centric Experiences

How Growth Marketers Can Scale Up Customer-Centric Experiences

I see some version of the tweet below at least every week — and it asks an important question. As the number of brands coming online increases at a staggering rate, online ad spend grows, and that budget is increasingly concentrated on Facebook…
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How AI and Customer Data Are Poised to Revolutionize Marketing Automation

In business or even life in general, shortcuts are often seen as less than. A handmade chair carved from wood will typically fetch a higher price (and more awe) than a very similar chair that was mass-produced in a large factory. Why is that?…

AI in Marketing: How to Unlock Success for Your Business

In 2020, AI is everywhere. The explosion of AI-based platforms and tools onto the marketing scene might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually incredibly exciting  Historically, AI-powered marketing solutions have been overly technical or required…
multi-channel campaigns see +283% effectiveness

Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Shift to Multi-Channel Marketing

In our 2020 Benchmark Report, we examined how multi-channel campaigns outperform their batch counterparts, with impressive results. Keep reading to find out how well multi-channel campaigns stack up and why it’s critical you bring them into…

How to Improve Push Conversions by Over 2000% with Triggers

Push notifications are one the easiest and most efficient ways for customers to interact with your brand. These bite-sized communications are easy to digest and click through to get customers on their way towards taking action upon your message.…

The Impact of Triggers on Popular Marketing Campaigns

In the first installment of our 2020 triggered marketing blog series, we investigated the monumental impact that triggers have on essential metrics. Now, it’s time to dig a little deeper. Let’s examine the data we collected in our 2020 Trigger-Based…

Need Improved Conversions? Triggered Emails Can Help

It can be incredibly frustrating as a marketer to craft great content and messaging, just to have it underperform. It’s nothing personal — time and time again talented marketers put hours of work into emails, just to have them result in…