Data Unification and Its Impact on Marketing

When marketing teams are first starting out, most everything they do can be described as a bootstrap effort — marketers are called upon to be scrappy and pull off great campaigns with very little. For most teams, this works well until they…

Marketer vs. Martech: You’ve Been Doing Data All Wrong and You’re Ready to Change

For some marketers, data collection and unification can be scary. Math may not be your forte, you may have no idea where to look for meaning, or you simply don’t have the right toolset to understand your data. In the past, marketers had to…

Why Teams of All Sizes Need to Be Using AI for Powerful Results

For most marketers, hearing the word “AI” might send shivers down their spine — it’s no wonder considering that AI seems to have become the catchall for a super expensive robot who’ll be stealing your job in the next 5 years. The reality…

Managing Reputation as an Email Sender

As senders, our efforts may have us spread thin at times as we manage email marketing programs across the globe. Maintaining a positive reputation, meeting the goals of our key performance indicators, and the likes all play a crucial role in…

Marketer vs. Martech: Disparate Tools Lead to Disparate Teams

Nearly 100 years ago there were, at most, three channels on which marketers could reach consumers: radio, print, and billboards. In the past 20 years, the number of digital avenues for communication has skyrocketed and with it, the number of…
AI predictive marketing

How to See Transformation In Under 90 Days with AI Marketing

Looking to make a fast splash in marketing performance? New campaigns, tag lines, and special offers are great techniques for enhancing performance, but these efforts need to be supported by a strong data foundation and the proper tools to ensure…

How to Reduce Martech Friction for Immediate ROI

As the world of martech has blossomed over the past 10 years we have been encouraged to purchase the next big thing. Each new addition to a team meant a new recommendation for what tech was worth buying. The end result is 95% of marketers are…

3 Proven Tactics to Engage Your Most Valuable Customers

In unprecedented times, periods of economic uncertainty, or even in times when your business is changing in general, it can be difficult to decide what’s next. As you shift your marketing strategies to fit the position you’re in, it can…

Marketer vs Martech: A Broken Stack Means a Broken Team

If you’ve been keeping up with our Marketer vs Martech series, you might remember that over 95% of marketers aren’t personalizing on a one to one level — and 69% of those folks attribute that to friction in their martech stacks. And, these…

4 Ways to Increase ROI During Economic Uncertainty, Part 4: Using Audience Targeting

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This is part four of the series, 4 Ways to Increase ROI During Economic Uncertainty, Part 4: Using Audience Targeting. Chief Growth Officer, Josh Francia, writes from the perspective of a business leader who’s achieved success throughout myriad…