Omnies 2022 Winners & Honorees: Congratulations to the Leaders in Customer Engagement

Blueshift Omnies 2022 winners and honorees

One of the best parts of my role as product marketing manager here at Blueshift is partnering with our customers and shining a light on the moments of joy they build for their customers. So it was a highlight for me at our Engage San Francisco event this week when we announced the winners and honorees of our inaugural Omnies recognition program. All our 22 winners and honorees demonstrated success in customer-centric, AI-powered campaigns across marketing channels.


And The Omnies Go To ...

Here are the winners and honorees that have driven change and value for their business by leveraging the power of intelligent customer engagement across channels. First up are the winners of each of our six categories:


Orchestration: Zumper

Zumper’s mission is to modernize the rental experience for renters and property owners by making renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel. Zumper uses AI-powered recommendations to connect renters with the right listings. Even with millions of listings, Zumper caters to the unique preferences of each individual renter, orchestrating robust customer journeys across email, SMS, and push notifications.


Marketing with AI:

Using the latest technologies and design principles, makes it easy for drivers to shop for the parts they need and get their vehicles back on the road. The company uses AI-powered recommendations to surface the right auto parts for each customer from across over 800,000 SKUs. provides personalized product and content recommendations to each user based on their vehicle year, make, and model, as well as real-time website behaviors.


New Rising Star: Sweetwater

Sweetwater is the #1 online retailer of pro audio and music instruments in the US, serving over 8 million music makers. As a new customer, Sweetwater has set out to build a data-driven marketing strategy. Focused on engaging interactions across multiple touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle (email, web, in-app, social), Sweetwater aims to provide personalized recommendations for each user.


New Rising Star: Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes brings cyber-protection to everyone, helping to keep its customers free from online threats. Malwarebytes’ strategy focuses on creating a unified experience for customers, resulting in improved engagement, retention and adoption. Since onboarding with Blueshift, Malwarebytes has been able to increase its email-able customer base, email open rates, and engagement, as well enhance existing campaigns and launch new campaigns. 


Innovative Campaign: italki

italki provides a comprehensive language experience for anyone who wants to learn a new language in a personalized and authentic way. One of italki’s innovative campaigns focuses on recommending compelling content to students based on their learning language and unique learning journey. By making improvements to the campaign’s target audience, template, and recommendation scheme, the campaign resulted in a significant increase in revenue.


Engagement: Slickdeals

Slickdeals is where 12 million savvy shoppers discover and share great deals. Slickdeals kicked off a program to incentivize current and new users to engage with the community. Using segmentation, Slickdeals has been able to target power users and new users based on common behaviors and interest signals to create lookalike audiences. This program increased engagement and transactions by over 65%.


Engagement: Udacity

Udacity is on a mission to upskill the world’s workforce through the power of knowledge. By creating 1:1 personalized interactions and triggering real-time messages, Udacity has continued to increase student engagement.


Strategic First-Party Data: 14 West

14 West is a business services firm with a global mindset. 14 West Tech & Media Solutions offers a range of products and services for publishing in the digital age. 14 West works with affiliate publishers to acquire first-party data across many brands. With this rich data, 14 West has gained a better understanding of their customers to personalize omnichannel journeys for increased engagement.


Strategic First-Party Data: LendingTree

LendingTree is an online loan marketplace for various financial borrowing needs including auto loans, home loans, small business loans, personal loans, student loans, credit cards, and more. The company also empowers customers with expert guidance and financial health hints and tips.  LendingTree uses first-party data to power a true omnichannel environment, leveraging orchestrated triggers across all touchpoints, including email, mobile, SMS, direct mail, and paid media audience syndications.


Celebrating The Honorees

Each category had many impressive submissions. In addition to the winners, these chosen honorees demonstrated marketing excellence in their categories:

  • Orchestration: ClearScore, Chatbooks, Stitch Fix
  • Marketing with AI: discovery+, Tradera, Skillshare, vouchercloud
  • New Rising Star: PRADCO, Zark, Five Below
  • Innovative Campaign:  WayUp, OpenClassrooms
  • Engagement: James Allen, Houzz, NerdWallet
  • Strategic First-Party Data:  BIGGBY COFFEE, E.ON


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Kristen Session, is product marketing manager at Blueshift.