Celebrating Blueshift’s 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Innovation and Growth

June marks Blueshift’s 10th anniversary, celebrating our journey from a startup to a thriving scale-up.

A Vision

Back in 2014, our co-founders—Vijay Chittoor (CEO), Mehul Shah (CTO), and Manyam Mallela (Chief AI Officer)—shared a vision. They recognized a common problem many brands faced: a lack of genuine customer loyalty. Consumers felt misunderstood and disconnected from the brands they interacted with. Our founders aimed to bridge this gap by creating a company that truly understood and met customer needs.

Our Culture is our Driver

Reflecting on the past decade, it’s clear that our MORPH culture has been pivotal. This culture embodies our willingness to try new things (and make Mistakes), an intense Obsession with customer satisfaction, constantly Raising the bar, working together and Playing as one team, and finding ways to Have fun amidst hard work. These values have made every moment of the last ten years special. Our culture has earned us recognition, including being listed among Fortune’s Best Workplaces and the Deloitte Fast 500 for four consecutive years.

Helping Brands Become Customer Obsessed

While much has changed in the last decade, some fundamental trends remain constant. Customer expectations around trust, consent, and privacy have only grown stronger, emphasizing the importance of first-party data. Integrating human creativity with machine-based intelligence continues to bring us closer to achieving personalized, one-on-one customer connections at scale.

Innovation Journey Continues

In response to market demands, we launched our AI-based journey builder and predictive journeys in 2016, at a time when AI was still emerging. We were awarded a patent, developed our no-code AI recommendation studio, and collaborated with AWS on LLM-based personalization. Our partnerships with Snowflake, Salesforce, and Shopify have further fueled our innovation.

Our efforts have been widely recognized:

Partnering with Customers Across Multiple Verticals

We are honored that many recognized and loved brands trust Blueshift’s Customer Engagement platform for their marketing. Our customers include Carparts.com, Five Below, US News, Warner Brothers Discovery, LendingTree, Amerilife, BBC, StichFix, and Udacity.

Building World-Class Leadership

Beyond our three co-founders, Blueshift has strengthened its leadership team with industry veterans such as Travis Adlman (CFO), Todd Illberg (VP of Customer Success), Janet Jaiswal (VP of Marketing), Karen Chernoff (VP of HR), and Abhay Ghaisas (VP of Engineering).

Looking Ahead

Today, our customers tell us two things: the demise of third-party cookies increases the focus on actionable first-party data, and everyone is striving to leverage AI effectively for marketing. We thank all our team members for helping us reach this milestone. It’s an exciting time to continue building toward our vision. Though Blueshift is a decade in the making, we maintain the spirit of “It’s still day 1.”

Blueshift 10 Year Anniversary

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