e-learning alert examples

4 Essential Campaigns for E-Learning Marketing

Back to school 2020 looked very different for students across the world, and while e-learning may not remain as widespread forever, the events of this year have pushed the online learning industry forwards by leaps and bounds. Folks eager to…
recommendation studio

Blueshift’s Recommendation Studio Adds New Derived Events and Tag-Based Recommendations

We all want brands to make our shopping experience intuitive and effortless. That includes keeping us notified and up-to-date on the products and content we’re interested in. According to Forbes, 83% of consumers expect products to be personalized…
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Why Omnichannel Campaigns Are a Holiday Must-Have

Struggling to think of the perfect gifts for your friends and family this holiday season? While we don’t have advice on what your great aunt or second cousin third removed will want, we know exactly what you should get the marketer in your…

Using AI to Capture the Holiday Shopper’s Attention

The holidays are a hectic time for most of us — deadlines to meet, the weather to fend off, and the general buzz of chaos that surrounds November and December. As consumers, we’re all trying to cross off each loved one from our shopping…
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How Treating Customers with AI Marketing Can Make Holiday Hiccups Less Spooky

While Halloween is always fun, it has its spooky side — some of us are scared of monsters, candy corn, too many PSLs, and, for many marketers scaling up and prepping for the holiday season is the stuff of nightmares. For marketers who want…
AI improves marketing for 98% of adopters.

4 Top Ways to Use AI to Optimize Your Campaigns

As we near the end of 2020 and look forward to 2021 we can start to guess which trends of the year will start to fade away and which are here to stay. As has been the case for many years, AI is and will continue to be a hot topic for marketers.…

MarTech (Virtual) 2020: Best Bits, Themes, and Top Takeaways

2020 has been a year of adaptation and transformation — and the semi-annual MarTech Conference was no exception. Much like the marketers who have adapted to our new shared “normal” within Business; the conference planners, speakers, and…
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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering AI Marketing Is Here

Within business, many monumental changes happen as a result of a catalyst: makeup became popular with the advent of movies, the internet has catapulted forward globalization, and most recently, folks staying home has pushed businesses forward…
Explaining the smart in SmartHub CDP

SmartHub CDP Explained: Breaking Down the Smart

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Often, marketers find themselves held back by their tech stacks, and this is because stacks are typically built around individual channel platforms, instead of around the customer — and as a result, are left with a fractured view of the customer.…
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How AI and Customer Data Are Poised to Revolutionize Marketing Automation

In business or even life in general, shortcuts are often seen as less than. A handmade chair carved from wood will typically fetch a higher price (and more awe) than a very similar chair that was mass-produced in a large factory. Why is that?…