Explaining the smart in SmartHub CDP

SmartHub CDP Explained: Breaking Down the Smart

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Often, marketers find themselves held back by their tech stacks, and this is because stacks are typically built around individual channel platforms, instead of around the customer — and as a result, are left with a fractured view of the customer.…

SmartHub CDP Explained: Breaking Down the Hub

In the first part of our SmartHub CDP series, we introduced you to the SmartHub CDP, and how it’s changing the martech landscape for the better by becoming marketers’ one-stop-shop for data unification, intelligent marketing automation,…
Graphic showing CDP Single Customer Views

SmartHub CDP Explained: Breaking Down the Customer Data Platform

If there’s been one identifiable darling of the late twenty-teens and early 2020 martech stack, it’s most definitely the Customer Data Platform (CDP). It’s seldom that you’ll hear about a data-driven marketer who doesn’t already have…

Marketer vs. Martech: Majority of Marketers Poised for Failure in 2020

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It’s safe to say that most — if not all — marketers are feeling the heat of a quickly changing landscape, whether it be personalization expectations, the increasing (and counter-intuitive) demands of data security and governance, or even…

What Your Benchmark Data is Telling You and How to Turn it into ROI

Benchmark data can serve as your company’s guiding light, but only if you know how to interpret it. Using the right metrics and choosing the right KPIs to evaluate will provide you with valuable insights to boost your ROI.  Why is benchmark…

It’s Time to Answer The Burning Question: What is the Real ROI of AI in Marketing?

While the hype and excitement around AI’s potential to transform marketing has grown, it’s remained largely a “black box” leaving many skeptical. We’ve all heard the promises that AI will usher unprecedented gains in productivity,…