It’s Time to Answer The Burning Question: What is the Real ROI of AI in Marketing?

ROI of an AI in Marketing

While the hype and excitement around AI’s potential to transform marketing has grown, it’s remained largely a “black box” leaving many skeptical. We’ve all heard the promises that AI will usher unprecedented gains in productivity, performance, speed and scale, but where are the numbers to back it up?

In a first-of-its kind study, ROI of AI Marketing: 4 Levers for Cross-Channel Success Blueshift set out to finally answer that question by quantifying the real value of AI in marketing. We analyzed 3.8B marketing interactions from real-world campaigns across channels and verticals. The result? AI-powered marketing campaigns increase customer engagement by 7X and revenue 3X.

Insights from the benchmark analysis highlight that AI-powered campaigns can achieve:

  • 3X revenue relative to their use in the marketing mix
  • 3.1X-7.2X lift in customer engagement
  • Nearly 2X greater impact on engagement for mobile push compared to email
  • Continuously improve campaign performance as the AI engine learns from customer interactions, driving an additional 50% lift over initial results

For the full set of findings and real customer examples of how AI has driven revenue by helping them make better, quicker decisions about the “Who, What, When & Where” of cross-channel marketing, download the full report.

In upcoming blog posts we’ll explore how by harnessing all existing and real-time customer data, AI impacts the following 4 levers of marketing and best practices for getting started.

  • “The Who” with Predictive Audiences: Select the customers who should be targeted for a marketing campaign
  • “The What” with Predictive Recommendations: Determine the right piece of content, offer or product to show each customer
  • “The When” with Predictive Engage Time: Optimize the delivery of the campaigns to the times when each individual customer is most likely to engage
  • “The Where” with Predictive Channel-of-Choice: Deliver the campaign on each individual customer’s channel-of-choice