Treat Your Customers with 5 Holiday Marketing Tricks!

Have you stocked up your candies yet? With the air turning crisp and the smell of pumpkin spice filling the cafes, let’s get on our cozy vests this fall and brew up some frighteningly good marketing ideas that will be a treat for your customers! According to NRF, Halloween spending is forecasted to reach a staggering 122 billion this year. While it’s a common notion that this spooky holiday primarily caters to kids, it’s intriguing to note that adults are equally enthusiastic, as evident from their spending habits and trends.

To make your marketing more ‘Fangtastic,’ whether it’s Halloween or another holiday, we are excited to present you with 5 tricks for your campaigns that are sure to give your customers a treat!

Trick #1: Boo—st Your Engagement 👻

Holidays provide a golden opportunity to spur your customers into action. It’s a time when you can ignite a sense of urgency around your holiday offers and align them perfectly with your customers’ desires. To encourage engagement and help them realize that these special deals are not to be missed, consider employing strategies that might pleasantly “spook” them. While classic methods like early bird discounts, exclusive promo codes, and special online pricing have a great track record of boosting engagement, we recommend trying something fresh and exciting, like a “new treat” for your audience. To further enhance your customer engagement, let your creativity flow by infusing a festive holiday atmosphere into your website. Remember, the longer visitors stay on your website, exploring its offerings and content, the higher the likelihood they will convert. One of the most effective strategies to enhance personalization is by embracing AI. With AI, you can deliver offers that genuinely resonate with each customer’s unique needs and preferences. Other modern marketing strategies to consider include leveraging cross-channel marketing to extend reach (like paid media or mobile), driving social commerce to streamline the buying process, using influencer marketing for broader exposure, implementing chatbots for added convenience, and more. While classic methods have their place, embracing innovative strategies will ensure your brand remains at the forefront of holiday marketing magic.

Trick #2: Conquer the Haunting of Abandoned Carts 🏚

Abandoned carts are every marketer’s nightmare! Things get scarier when items in the carts linger in the cart and never see the daylight of a checkout. There are numerous reasons for abandoned carts, such as complex checkout processes, comparison shopping, mandatory account creation, technical glitches, and more. The most critical step in addressing this issue is gaining a better understanding of your customers. AI-powered recommendations can be an invaluable tool to help you understand your customers and make recommendations based on their needs. This involves analyzing their past purchase patterns, real-time and historical browsing habits, as well as their campaign engagement trends. Predictive AI can also point you to how the customer is likely to behave in the future, helping you tailor your offers and campaigns to their specific behavior. For more tricks on reducing cart abandonment read our guide designed to tackle such spooky scenarios.

Trick #3: Personalization Potions 🧙‍♀️

Concoct enchanting, highly personalized messages that seem like bespoke magic spells crafted exclusively for your audience. Craft an experience that leaves your customers feeling as if they’ve discovered a hidden treasure crafted just for them. Think of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) as enchanted cauldrons where customer data simmers and blends, empowering marketers to craft personalized experiences that are genuinely enchanting. This data serves as a crystal ball, granting insights into customer desires and allowing you to anticipate their behaviors to truly deliver 1:1 messages. Armed with these insights, you can shape your campaign strategies and add a touch of AI magic to finish up your personalization potions! Utilize the predictive capabilities of campaign AI and content AI to unveil the secret recipe for reaching your customers at the ideal time and through the most suitable channel with precisely the right message. AI acts as the secret ingredient to elevate the effectiveness of your personalization potions.

Trick #4: Segmentation Sorcery 🪄

Unleash your inner marketing wizard with the often-overlooked aspect of campaign strategizing: segmentation. Every customer is unique, and through effective segmentation, you can customize your interactions with customers who share similar affinities. While personalization is like casting magic spells, segmentation sorcery amplifies the potency of these spells tenfold. One of our customers, a marketing wizard in her own right, talks about the Blueshift magic while segmenting their audience. She says, “The magic with Blueshift is its agility and ability to handle data for segmentation, journeys, and personalization across all channels, no matter the speed or attributes that we put in. We have the flexibility to use our data to improve results across many different use cases.” – Joyce Poole Sr. Director, Marketing CRM, LendingTree. Read here to learn more about the various types of segmentations that marketers should be aware of and the various nuances around them, specially curated for marketers.

Trick #5: Mobile Miracle: 🔮

In the mystical landscape of 2023, today’s witches and wizards are highly tech-savvy, with mobile devices serving as their preferred channel for content consumption, purchases, and more. Ensuring your customers are enchanted requires your mobile experience to mirror the enchantment of its desktop and in-store counterparts, providing an experience as seamless and enthralling as a wizard’s flight on a broomstick. The mobile channel offers a range of enchanting opportunities for engagement. Customize your campaigns by exploring mobile channels such as SMS, in-app, push, mobile inbox, and more. Incorporating SMS has consistently proven to elevate engagement, as shown in our Benchmark Report which analyzed 38 billion messages, revealing a remarkable 102% higher CTR for those utilizing SMS in cross-channel campaigns. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Mobile marketing enables real-time connection, location-based targeting, increased convenience, in-app personalization, and data-driven insights. Our guide to mobile marketing can help you learn more about mobile channels and how to use them effectively for your holiday campaigns.

As we enter this dazzling season of holiday marketing, consider these tricks your secret spells for success. So give your marketing a ‘Monster Makeover’ with these tricks and let us know you need any more magical advice! Our ‘Witchful Thinking’ caps are on and we promise we won’t “ghost” you!