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5 Practical AI Techniques for Improving Customer ROI

Seventy-seven percent of marketers believe that real-time personalization is crucial, yet sixty percent struggle to personalize content in real time. Personalizing content in the form of giving the right recommendations for each user, scheduling the content based on each user’s behavior, and then selecting the right communication channel require processing large amounts of data to […]

Why Do Marketers Struggle with Data?

Our recent study shows that activating data is crucial to successful artificial intelligence (AI). However, 92% of the companies we surveyed said that they struggle with one or more of either data access, unification or analysis that prevents them from making better use of their customer data (see figure 1). Old news to you? Perhaps, […]

Marketers see the huge potential of AI, but the data remains a challenge

  Since the advent of the personal computer, no technology has captivated businesses in the way artificial intelligence (AI) has. Its influence is expected to span industries and job functions — and marketing is right in the thick of it.   To learn and quantify what marketers are doing with AI today, understand their challenges, […]

AI-Powered Marketing – It’s About the Data “Cupid!”

Marketing is a fertile petri dish for the use of artificial intelligence (AI).  In fact, a recent study by Forrester Research found that 46% of respondents said that marketing and sales were the leading groups inside their companies evaluating the investment and adoption in AI.  In a recent webinar with analyst Rusty Warner from Forrester Research, […]

How Data, AI, and Automation Can Drive On-Demand Growth

In the previous post, we outlined 5 tips for success in the on-demand economy. What each of these five tips comes down to is understanding what your users and service providers need, when they need it, and responding quickly and fluidly. In other words, anticipating what they want when they want it, and being there […]